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T-Mobile will now offer customer support through iMessage

Apple Business Chat has a new partner.  T-Mobile announced Wednesday that it will now offer customer support via Apple's Business Chat. This means that if you have an iPhone, you'll be able to talk to T-Mobile representatives directly through
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The Ultimate Guide to Customer Support Metrics

From: Via: Download this Customer Support Metrics Guide to help your support team cut costs and improve customer
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Airing customer grievances on facebook . . .

Just found a group on facebook set up by irate customers of a taxicab service in Bangalore - it already has 400 members. If I were connected with customer support at the company, I would probably join this group to listen to their side of the story
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The tweet that came in time and saved Delta

Author & Keynote Speaker Scott Stratten talks about being frustrated and angry about indifference shown by airline staff, during check in procedures. And how a tweet within four minutes diffused his anger and cushioned the frustration. Watch
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Managing Customer Support E-mails

Customer Support Ticketing System is a more professional and personalized approach to customer services rather than using the ordinary mail system. It incorporates a full email history, group access and multiple user log in etc. A Customer
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Capacity and Capability

Capacity and capability conveys totally different aspects in respect to operations. In common parlance, capacity and capability are loosely used to mean the same; like we say Sheela is a very capable person or Govind has solid capacity.