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Fiji Airways announces highest profit…and highest customer satisfaction scores

Congratulations to Fiji Airways for posting a record profit, growing your international network, and achieving the highest customer satisfaction improvement scores. Keep “Working as One to Take the Next Step UP!” Scroll down to the bold
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Blow-Up Your Diversity Approach and Maximize Business Results With Customer Reflection Diversity

 This “think piece” is designed to stimulate your thinking about diversity Why Your Firm Needs to Target Diversity in Sales, Servic,e & Product Development Research studies have shown that diversity can result in as much as a
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Money Won’t Buy Engagement, But Here’s What Will

Like most companies at the end of the year your organization announced salary changes, issuing merit raises to some, and generally recalculated overall compensation to ensure you remain competitive. But can you actually use money to motivate and
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Don’t Start Crunching Numbers Until You Know What Numbers to Crunch

I was helping a manager with the company’s analytics; the problem was framed as “falling engagement in front-line staff.” Now that is a good start because at this organization the link between the measure of employee engagement and
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Why Your eNPS Makes A Difference

Net Promoter Score or NPS was developed as a means to measure customer loyalty more quickly and accurately. But HR can use it to measure the same things among your workforce. In a Harvard Business Review article the creator of the system, Frederick
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3 Performance Indicators That Will Make Or Break Your Company

Want to find out how your business is performing? Setting and analyzing performance indicators for your company is the best way to forecast and get on track with your business goals. Creating KPIs or Key Performance Indicators will help you measure
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Making HR a Key Differentiator — and a Driver of Customer Satisfaction, Too

What is the purpose of Human Resource management? Is it to administrate brains, send them letters and pay them? Or, is it to connect brains, drive innovation and delight customers? The answer is both. The real question is: Why are so many HR
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Customers feast on great service

How much would you pay for an egg?  Fifty cents?  Two dollars?   How about $6,000? That’s how much it cost one restaurant in Newport Beach which refused to honor a customer’s request.  Not through legal action,
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Is Your Key Account Management Effective?

If your answer is No, you are part of the majority. Most firms do not succeed in profitably growing large global customers through key account management (KAM). A largish Indian IT services company struggled with managing big customers for
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Are You Making It Hard For Customers To Buy From You?

What every marketer should worry about most is minimizing obstacles during the buying process--even if all it means is lacing up a pair of shoes. Run through this customer pain-point checklist to see if you're in the clear. One Saturday