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How a Salesforce certification can increase your salary and even help you land your dream job

Salesforce began as a small software company selling a single customer relationship management (CRM) product. Nearly 20 years later, that product has evolved into an industry-standard platform and a suite of services tailored to sales, marketing,
vkhosla's picture's Marc Benioff No. 1 in Comparably ranking of top CEOs

From: Via: RT @USATODAY: Who’s the best CEO in America? Here's the list
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The Myth Of Customer Experience: What Asia's Marketers Should Really Be Focusing On

From: Via: The Myth Of Customer Experience: What Asia's Marketers Should Really Be Focusing On
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How to choose a personal CRM – Pick Dave’s Brain

Are you winning the game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? This week’s question comes from Aida in Saint Louis, Missouri. Q: In your Building Your Professional Network Course you recommend using CRMs. Could you recommend one basic CRM for someone
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Dynamic video will convert the last digital skeptics

From:   By: Joe Sabol Via: Can #data help in making #creative #
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A Real Relationship Means It Is All About Them

“And that, sir, is why you are a true leader. You follow through, you are transparent and you remember that relationships matter and build them. I am honored to have your friendship, never forget…Thank you!” The statement above
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What I Wish The Future Could Look Like – One Man’s Thoughts and Dreams For The Future of LinkedIn

Have you ever wished that you could Instant Message a candidate immediately after finding them on LinkedIn? That might be an improvement over the InMail, right? What if you could send a calendar invitation, schedule an interview or even do a quick
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Human factor in social selling

From: Buisness-standard By Apurva Chamaria Recommended by: business-standard Year 2010: "Social selling" was launched and it suddenly got a lot of attention. In the last five years, there has been a tremendous buzz around the new
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What You Need to Know Before Picking A Vendor

While it is a tall order for human resources to secure budget for a technology upgrade, it is equally challenging to ensure that the investment is made with the right vendor. Almost everyone in HR agrees on the many benefits of cloud technology. In
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Selling differently

From: Buisness-standard By Sangeeta Tanwar Recommended by: business-standard Technology is transforming the way companies operate, do business and deliver products and services. With customers becoming better informed and