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A Single View Of The Customer Is The Foundation For An Effective Retail Digital Customer Experience

Gary Drenik recently spoke with Dave Cherry, Executive Advisor for Cherry Advisory, LLC to discuss how creating a single view of the customer (SVC) is the most critical foundational capability.
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How To Compete With Amazon In Shipping And Delivery

The challenges posed by increasing customer expectations around shipping, and how those challenges and costs can be managed with a shipping strategy that includes automation, a mix of carriers including the USPS, as well as the added benefits of
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Ensuring Seamless Engagement With Insurance Customers

Insurers are looking to digitally transform to improve customer experience and regain their service-driven points of differentiation. A Forbes Insights briefing discusses the role of data and the single customer view, and interactive personalized
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How Two Companies Hooked Customers On Products They Rarely Use

From: Via: How Two Companies Hooked Customers On Products They Rarely Use Page, CEO of
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The Type of Language You Use Is Turning Customers Away. Here's What to Fix

From:   By: Ken Sterling Via: Ethically, use the scarcity principle in
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Should you trust your customers?

If you trust your customer to pay you back, will you receive their loyalty plus interest? Well, that’s what I did. No, I didn’t take out a loan or buy a car. I was just getting some chicken. Popeyes fried chicken to be exact. No, this
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Reliance Jio explains why JioPhone customers have to recharge Rs 1,500 per year

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Reliance Jio has responded to the criticism of its terms and conditions for the JioPhone that included a compulsory recharge of Rs 1,500 per year and partial refund of the deposit.
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The New Merchants of Data: Creating a More Equitable Exchange of Data Between Digital Businesses and their Customers - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM MICROSOFT

In his book “Who Owns the Future?” digital iconoclast Jaron Lanier, who was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine and is now a Microsoft employee, once pointed out that people should own their online
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How Customer Service Can Turn Angry Customers into Loyal Ones

An analysis quantifies the revenue impact of good service.