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Can CSR strengthen competitive advantage?

India’s Companies Act now mandates thousands of Indian firms to spend 2% of their profits on corporate social responsibility activities. Many firms will see it as a liability, some as the chance to do charitable work. Only a very few will
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IIM-A alumnus CK Venkataraman keeps aside half of his pay to educate 1,700 underprivileged girls

From: Via: Thanks to donors like Venkataraman, CEO, Jewellery, Titan, @NanhiKali has empowered 100000 girls through education
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Ice Hockey India

From: Via: How much are they trying to raise? “@dakuwithchaku: @anandmahindra Pls help them”@icehockeyindia Please share the details and let me
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India's Best Companies For CSR 2014: Top 5 slots split between TATA, Mahindra Group & Maruti Suzuki

From: Via: “We're honoured to be in the Top 3 for CSR.With renewed resolve,we’ll continue to #RiseForGood