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Denmark hired a tech ambassador. After what happened with Facebook, maybe every country should.

Casper Klynge is not a conventional diplomat. And serving as Denmark's, and indeed the world's, first tech ambassador required him to rewrite the international relations playbook.  SEE ALSO: He fooled an entire nation with a fake Facebook
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I found the commune from 'Wild Wild Country' on Google Earth, and it looks startlingly different today

Spoilers for Neflix's Wild Wild Country abound in this, so if you'd rather not get spoiled on this true story, stop reading! Like a lot of other people, I've spent the last week binging the new Netflix documentary series Wild Wild Country. And it
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Severe heat wave roasts parts of Asia, at least 7 countries break monthly records

It may be unusually cold in the eastern U.S. right now, but in parts of Asia, dangerous, scorching heat has been breaking records.  At least seven countries set monthly high temperature records at the end of March, according to national weather
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Climate change could force millions of people to move within countries

While conflict and economic reasons are often the biggest factors for people moving within countries, climate change will soon have its own part to play. By 2050, 140 million people could be forced to migrate internally as the effects of global
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A dispute between two countries slowed clocks down across Europe by six minutes

When nations fight things can get ugly, but did you know it can also slow down time? That's what happened across several European countries, allegedly due to poor relations between Serbia and Kosovo — two Balkan nations with a long history of
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Snap Maps shows chilling view of gun control walkouts spreading across the country

This is what collective mobilization looks like. High school students across the country walked out of school on Wednesday to protest inaction from politicians on gun control policy. The protests are a direct response to the deadly high school
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A country for con men

The medicine show hypester, the confidence man, the snake oil salesman… my country has a long history of marketers of ill repute. The reason is simple: we spent two hundred years spreading out over the continent, and unlike Europe, strangers
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US will continue to be a country of immigrants: Kenneth Juster addresses H-1B visa concerns

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times US ambassador to India Kenneth Juster stressed that immigrants helped drive the economy and growth of the United States and that was not going to change.There could be some
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‘His Excellency PM McCullum’: Culture minister Mahesh Sharma goofs up

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Doesn’t the minister of culture know who the Prime Minister of New Zealand is? Especially when the Kiwi leader is on a trip to this country and was present at a meeting to talk