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Facebook Tops Indeed’s Top-Rated Workplaces List, But Costco Cracked the Top 10, Too

Here’s something that’s hard to get your head around: Although a whopping 86 percent of companies doubt the fairness of online company ratings, 9 out of 10 job seekers (91 percent) say they seek out an online resource to evaluate...
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Costco will finally deliver all those giant bulk items with its new grocery service

From: Mashable By Emma Hinchliffe Recommended by: Mashable No longer will you need a pickup truck to successfully shop at Costco.The big-box store just launched CostcoGrocery, which will provide two-day delivery on dry goods. The
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L.L.Bean Beats, Once Again, For Best Customer Service

L.L.Bean continues to claim a rare retail bragging right: a first place finish over Amazon. For the third year in a row, the outdoor outfitter has been named Customer Service Champion over the online behemoth in Prosper Insights & Analytics'
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The Mind-Boggling Ascent of Amazon and Jeff Bezos

From: Via: Let this sink in: 4% of all publicly traded stocks - account for all stock market’s net gains from 1926
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Costco will increase its hourly pay for first time in 9 years

From: Mashable By Bloomberg Business Recommended by: Mashable Costco Wholesale Corp. will lift its minimum wage for the first time in nine years, by a $1.50 an hour, as the labor market tightens and competitors start giving
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Google becomes a rival to Amazon to deliver your fresh fruits and veggies

The biggest names in tech are waging a war over who gets to bring you fruits and veggies.Google is planning to test a new option to deliver fresh grocery items from select food chains to customers through its Google Express shopping service in San
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It ends up wasting food and money. Shop more frequently instead.

From:   By: Eric Holthaus Via: 40% of US food supply is thrown out every day! Solution? Stop buying bulk, shop more often
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Startup ZenPayroll offers employees a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world

The competition for talent in Silicon Valley seems to get tougher every year. Joshua Reeves, CEO and co-founder of ZenPayroll, thinks he has found the answer: shoeless offices and a free plane ticket (after their one-year anniversary) to anywhere in
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Power sampling: Sonia Sotomayor and Hillary Clinton’s chance meeting at Costco

From:   By: Kate Rinsema Via: Power sampling: Sonia Sotomayor and Hillary Clinton’s chance meeting at Costco http://