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New York commuter prefers the company of a goblin wearing the same outfit as him

New York has truly seen it all. This week on the subway, @bootyslime observed a man sit down and casually take a goblin out of his bag wearing the same outfit as him. He then proceeded to put the thing on his lap like a child.  this dude sat
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Dropbox, a company that turned down an offer from Steve Jobs in 2009, is finally going public

The place where you may or may not store and share your photos, PDFs, and other documents is going public.  Dropbox, a cloud storage company based in Silicon Valley's heart San Francisco, is listing on the Nasdaq under the stock ticker $DBX,
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Jamaican beer company swoops in to save its country's Olympic bobsled team

Sometimes the person (or brand) you least expected comes to the rescue.  The Jamaican bobsled team needed a bobsled for their upcoming competition at the Winter Olympics. Red Stripe, a Jamaican beer company, offered to pay for one.  SEE
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Knotty Vibes is the feminist sex toy company the world needs

Two best friends are working together to shatter the stigma surrounding sex toys for women. Knotty Vibes, an innovative feminist sex toy company co-founded by Sheila Oh and Courtney Davis, aims to empower women to embrace their
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Infosys's Rajesh Krishnamurthy to join French transportation company in February

From: By Jochelle MendoncaRecommended by: vsquareInfosys president Rajesh Krishnamurthy will join CMA CGM Group as senior vice president of IT and Transformation effective February 12, the French transportation and
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Relentless Focus On Quality Boosts Corporate Growth And Efficiency

Top-level executives and quality professionals see a direct connection between the success of their continuous improvement or performance excellence initiatives and the success of their organizations.
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Proof That ‘People Are Your Greatest Asset’

You might not be aware of a trend in the corporate valuation world. You might not think that developments in how companies are being valued by the financial world would be of interest to HR. But, hold on to your horses! Validation of “our
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Vodafone-Idea to SBI merger: It's the season of corporate partnerships

From: Buisness-standard By Shailesh Dobhal Recommended by: business-standard Sniff the air and the spring of corporate partnerships is unmissable. The biggest of course is the proposed cashless, all-share equal merger between one
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The New Corporation: An Ecosystem Of Partnerships With A Flexible Culture

The lines separating key competitors are blurring as businesses increasingly relate to one another as a single, sustainable ecosystem. The workforce of the future is not a rigid structure with hierarchical reporting relationships; it’s one