Conquest Top 10

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Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS) Pilani’s International Startup Conclave, Conquest, is a global start­up challenge that has been bringing together the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs from all over the world for the past 10 years.
DCB Bank,CitrusPay and Accel Partners partnered with BITS Pilani over this initiative to enrich these
startups with a perfect platform to mark their launch. Conquest 2015 followed a very basic model wherein
start­ups registered themselves by filling up an online form in the month of May. The Challenge received
a whooping 1400 registrations this year. Based on the responses filled, top 50 start­ups were shortlisted to
attend the networking sessions in three major cities in the country, New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.
Mentors from various firms like CupoNation, Practo and Bessemer Capital were on the guest list. In
additament to the incubation, mentoring and IP filing, the mentors also advised them on fundraising,
revenue model, hiring, branding & marketing, up­scaling and technology. The weekends culminated with
presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders with opportunity for critical feedback.
After painstakingly careful and accurate evaluation, Conquest is glad to announce it top 10 finalists
TruckSuvidha: TruckSuvidha is an online marketplace for transporters, truck drivers, packers & movers
and Industrialist
DoctorsNow: DoctorsNow provides exceptional care for non­life threatening illnesses and injuries.
ShopElect: ShopElect is the biggest marketplace for industrial electrical and engineering.
Swagene: Swagene, a knowledge laboratory that offers genetic diagnostics for highest healthcare
treatment outcomes
Travanz: Travanz is a cloud based application framework that brings together crucial applications, needed
by the travel industry on a single platform.
Frapp: Frapp is India's first exclusive deals and discounts app for verified students.
CareerAnna: India's go to c­commerce portal ­ offering Niche and Personalized Exam Preparation and
Career Development Products in UPSC, Banking, MBA and CLAT.
Gympp: Easiest way to find a Gym. helps you to discover fitness destinations nearby.
Longman Suntech: Sells Green Power from Onsite Rooftop Solar Power plants funded by Third Party
Investors at Tariffs than the Grid Tariff
Gamezop: A social network for casual games which chooses the best games for you and lets you play new
games each week without downloading them
The above ten will share the stage in New Delhi on September 6th, along with distinguished VCs and
potential investors as a whole new world of opportunities unfold for them.
Conquest 2015 is a platform where budding entrepreneurs will gain much a momentum to launch their
business conception. It is a student run startup fiesta that aims at revolutionizing the startup ecosystem. It
is a win­win for everyone as Conquest offers a chance to anyone who shares the love for entrepreneurship
as we do, to attend the event by registering at


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