Conquest 2016 : Watch the Top 10 Startups Battle it out at the Grand Finale

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 Conquest is India’s biggest studentrun  startup conclave providing an exemplary platform  for emerging startups to grow . With DCB Bank as the title sponsor, Conquest was born out of an  attempt to provide a chance to startups for voicing their ideas, networking with industry leaders,  and obtaining incubation and funding opportunities and we thrive year after year to accomplish  this vision of ours.  This year, Conquest, in association with Accel Partners, Exotel and CitrusPay, witnessed a  participation of more than 1200 startups from varied sectors, ranging from Healthcare and  Social Enterprises to Internet of Things and even Virtual Reality. These applications were  scrutinised based on 36 extensive parameters to shortlist the top 50 startups for personalised  mentoring sessions held in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.  Conquest offered the startups an insightful experience and networking opportunity by providing  mentorship in five major categories which included Fundraising, Product Management,  Customer Acquisition, Tech, and Operations. Murali Natarajan, MD & CEO at DCB Bank,  Bhawna Agarwal, CEO at NDTV Gadgets, Chandni Jafri, CEO at Mumbai Angels are among the  many esteemed mentors who were present at the networking sessions to guide the startups on  a oneonone  basis. The jury members then selected the finalists of Conquest 2016, the ten  most innovative and promising startups in India, to be a part of the finale. Here’s a look at the  top 10 :  Comfort Products : Comfort Products is an innovation driven startup specializing in  manufacturing of home appliances. The product mix includes SwiftChill, an innovative beverage  chiller, that chills beverages instantly wherever you go .  Buddy4Study : Buddy4Study helps individuals & organizations to set up their own scholarship  programs as social, CSR initiative in a transparent and effective manner.

 MaaxMarket : MaaxMarket is an allinone  marketing platform designed for small businesses to  help them scale and grow with the help of artificial intelligence.

 Project Mudra : Project Mudra delivers a technologybased  intervention to provide Braille  literacy and K12  lessons to the 90% of blind people left out of the Braille education pipeline.

 Hound Electric : Hound Electric builds zero emission, high performance electric motorcycles  with aim to change the way we commute and look at the automotive sector as a whole.

 Watsan Envirotech : Watsan Envirotech’s sole purpose is to provide water and sanitary solutions  to the rural population by manufacturing and distributing lowcost,  yet effective electricityfree  water  filters to urban slums and rural families who cannot afford other expensive options.

 Ekam Eco Solutions : Ekam Eco Solutions works in the domains of Sustainable Sanitation,  Valueadded  Bamboo Products and Sustainable Livelihoods. Their objective is to design,  develop and disseminate safe and sustainable sanitation solutions so that the abundance of  pure water is restored.

 Indusbuzz Technologies : Indusbuzz is India’s first SAAS based “Just In Time” procurement  platform for the global construction industry, connecting every stakeholder with Business  Intelligence.  Ethnus Technologies : Ethnus Technologies is a platform for on demand simulated interviews  for job seekers from experts. Ethnus makes every effort to plug the gap in aptitude, exposure  and interpersonal abilities of students and makes them industryready.

 JoGo : JoGo App provides easy access to 100,000 curated health, fitness products & 1000  services across 20 categories, thus solving the lack of access/time issue.

Further the social  features make it fun for all.  The Top 10 will share the stage at the Grand Finale in ITC Maurya, New Delhi on 28th  August pitching their ideas to distinguished VCs and potential investors as a whole new world  of opportunities unfolds to them. The Jury comprises fifteen of India’s biggest investment firms  like Accel Partners, Blume Ventures, Matrix Partners and likewise. The Grand Finale would also  cover Panel Discussions and Keynotes from industry stalwarts like Sanjay Nath (Managing  Partner, Blume Ventures), Dev Khare (MD, Lightspeed Partners), Suchi Mukherjee (CEO,  Limeroad) and many more. The event will be a star studded affair, with some of the biggest  names in the world of startups turning up for the mega event.  Registrations for attending the Grand Finale are now open. Register on  and get a chance to witness the next startup behemoth getting crowned the winner of Conquest. 


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