Conquest 2015 -BITS Pilani’s International Startup Conclave

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With the development of the timeline of BITS Pilani’s International Startup Conclave, Conquest 2015 has
seen enormous talent emerging from the budding entrepreneurs to revolutionize the Indian Startup
Ecosystem. DCB Bank and CitrusPay partnered with BITS Pilani over this initiative to enrich these startups
with a perfect platform to mark their launch.With the closing of registrations and short listing of the top 50,
Conquest is headed towards the rounds of Networking Sessions which was attended more than 100
entrepreneurs along with highly experienced mentors, angel investors and venture capitalists.
Through Conquest, startups have a fabulous opportunity to take forward their business ideas and plans and
compete to catch the eye of potential investors. The annual event invites startups to get assessed on their
ventures, help them with mentorship as well as give them a platform to pitch and network with potential
investors to make the quest for the success easier.
Conquest 2015 saw more than 1,200 registrations, including participants from abroad, out of which 50 teams
have been shortlisted for the second round. The Mumbai leg saw the participation by 13 teams, followed by
23 at Delhi and 12 at Bangalore.The competitors comprised varied startup genre such as technology,
energy,e­commerce ekcetera.
In addition to mentoring startups in the process of incubation and IP filing, the mentors advised them on
fundraising and revenue model refining, customer acquisition, hiring and grooming talent, up­scaling,
branding and marketing, and technology. The whole foundation of the sessions was based on an ideology to
strengthen the ventures with the highly experienced knowledge coming from executives from various
domains. With the support of few great firms like DCB Bank, Accel Partners and CitrusPay, these high
aimed goals come a step closer to their success.
The bangalore session was hosted by target accelerator and succeeded in constructive networking sessions
between the 12 startups and the mentors which included designers from practo, legal experts from top notch
firm and financial executives as well. Later investor oriented mentoring sessions helped startups understand
the aspects of fundraising and how to make themselves fundable.
The Mumbai Session saw mentors like Ruchir Inamdar (CitrusPay), Gaurav Mehta (DCB Bank) and many
more followed by investor oriented mentoring led by investors from Matrix Partners and Kae Capital.
At the Delhi Networking Sessions, the budding entrepreneurs had a brush with senior executives from top
companies like Google and successful start­ups such as Food Panda, Oyo Rooms and the India Internet
Fund. The mentors advised the young entrepreneurs about the scope of improvement in their business
plans and ways to monetize them.
"Every second start­up is trying to build a new website or app. I informed the aspirants that they should not
aim only for e­commerce after the success of Flipkart and Snapdeal. The market can't absorb 100
e­commerce companies. Only a handful will survive in the long run," said Gautam Gandhi, head of new
business development of Google. Dhairik Fuletra, CFO Conquest 2015 also added “It was truly phenomenal
to see such brilliant ideas under one roof. Each startup was on a quest to improvise our lives remarkably.”
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