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Kanye West's comments about the 13th Amendment are confusing and bad

Oh no. Kanye West took to social media on Sunday to tell everyone that he supports the messages of Donald Trump while wearing a MAGA hat. In the same tweet, he wrote that he wants to abolish the 13th Amendment of the Constitution of the United
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Grandma so confused by GIF that she heads directly to Verizon store for answers

Everyone remembers their first GIF. Forbes staff writer Alex Konrad was in a group chat with his grandmother, nicknamed Grammy, when one of his family members sent a Steve Harvey GIF. Grammy, who hadn't been exposed to a GIF before, understandably
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Google Street View captures very confused cat hanging out in Rome

If something weird is captured on Google Street View, someone on the internet is bound to find it. Bonus points if it's a cute animal. That's because, while there are plenty of weird and wacky moments well documented in the various lists we've
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Donald Trump now wants to save ZTE and everyone's confused

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE might have found a savior, and it's the last person you'd expect. President Donald Trump says he now wants to help save the beleaguered handset maker, tweeting Sunday that he wanted to give the company "a way to get back
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This Kate Middleton finger optical illusion is confusing the internet

Unfathomably massive levels of press coverage are pretty much a daily occurrence when you're a member of the Royal Family. SEE ALSO: The 2 royal power couples in the same room are basically your new squad goals You go out for a drive? Coverage.
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McDonald's attempts to pander to youth with very confusing meme

Ah, McDonald's. You give us so much: cheap, quick fast food, all-day breakfast, and disastrously failed attempts at memes. SEE ALSO: McDonald's ruins Happy Meals by taking cheeseburgers away from kids In what has to be the most pandering attempt to
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Subway launches a confusing loyalty program called MyWay

Subway, the world's largest fast food chain, is launching a new loyalty program, called Subway MyWay Rewards, that will offer customers surprise treats and tokens that eventually mature into dollars. The move is a step toward earning more customer
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Airbnb banned in parts of Detroit, and even the mayor's confused

Even Detroit's mayor seems baffled how one line in a 216-page zoning packet can ban Airbnb rentals in certain Detroit neighborhoods. The ban in the city's amended zoning ordinance went into effect this week, preventing homeowners in zones R1 and R2
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New confusion in GST's many rules

From: Buisness-standard By TNC Rajagopalan Recommended by: business-standard The The finance ministry’s new year gift is a notification reducing the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate for manufacturers under the composition scheme