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Weather bureau staff investigated for alleged cryptocurrency mining on work computers

Look, mining cryptocurrency off work computers mightn't be the greatest of ideas. Two IT employees at Australia's Bureau of Meteorology are under investigation by the Australian Federal Police, alleged to have used the agency's computers to mine
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Bitcoin enthusiasts take innovative approach, steal 600 computers

Mining for cryptocurrency can be an expensive proposition — albeit less so if you just go ahead and steal 600 powerful computers to do it for you.  That is exactly what 11 people are accused of doing in Iceland, after a large number of
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Salon's new business plan is running cryptocurrency-mining malware on your computer

It's hard out there for a publisher. But what if, ya know, the blockchain could fix it? That appears to be the thinking of digital media brand Salon, which today launched a new way to generate revenue off its readers. No, not some fancy subscription
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How Alexa, your computer, and even your sex robot can affect your love life

It's almost Valentine's Day, and it appears sex robots are gonna make Cupid's job a lot harder.  That's just one of the fascinating insights found in Match's eighth annual Singles in America report, which was released Thursday. There's plenty
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New tool to tackle fake news spread by Twitter bots

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Researchers say that what makes the task difficult is that often fake news has some real facts contained in a report.Scientists are developing a new computer tool that can detect
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20 Apple employees arrested in China for ‘selling’ personal data of customers

From: Hindustan Times By Agence France-Presse Recommended by: Hindustan times Chinese authorities say they have uncovered a massive underground operation run by Apple employees selling computer and phone users’ personal data.
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Scare and sell: Here’s how an Indian call centre cheated foreign computer owners

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Dusk is falling on Gurgaon’s Sohna Road, an upscale neighbourhood crammed with gleaming steel-and-concrete buildings that power India’s software surge and offer hopes of a brighter
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23 things artificially intelligent computers can do better/faster/cheaper than you can

Predict the weather Read an X-ray Play Go Correct spelling Figure out the P&L of a large company Pick a face out of a crowd Count calories Fly a jet across the country Maintain the temperature of your house Book...     
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Human and Machine: Better Together

Applications for Talent Acquisition For years, computers posed a minimal competitive threat to the world’s elite chess players. In a 1985 event, grandmaster Garry Kasparov put up a 32-0 record against his computer challengers
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Increase Candidate Engagement With MightyText

I have an addiction to be overly curious about finding new gadgets and recruiting tools. One of my recent discoveries is MightyText, which is one of my favorite candidate engagement tools. I am in involved in a significant amount of university