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Russian hackers are taking their cyber warfare to the next level

Russian hackers are upping the ante of their cyberattacks. The next level of cyber warfare may not be here thanks to the latest weapon being utilized by Russian hackers. SEE ALSO: Cryptocurrency exchange claimed it was 'practically impossible' to
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Android Messages now lets users send text messages from their computers

Google is closing the gap between Android and iOS. In an update rolling out today, Google is (finally!) releasing desktop support for the texting service, Android Messages. The update will allow Android smartphone owners to send and receive text
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6 of the best security software solutions for 2018

Internet security is an important issue for all of us. It's easy to be complacent and assume that it'll never happen to you — you're too sensible and secure with your data after all, right? But keeping your computer secure from various threats
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Amazon daily deals for Wednesday, May 30: Echo Dot, gaming computers, air mattresses, and more

Summer vacation is basically here, and whether you're an outdoorsy person or an "I'd rather not leave my house for three days" person, Amazon has some deals to make your summer lit. SEE ALSO: 9 drunk shopping purchases that you'll feel good about in
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7 year old who wants to watch dog videos cleverly made her own cardboard computer

Never underestimate the power of a kid's imagination, especially one who loves dogs. Emma Saccá Marcano asked her mom for a computer for one reason only: to watch dog videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, Yubiry Marcano didn't have money to buy
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Mac hack: Use this $8 app to update your computer's speakers

We love our Mac as much as the next Apple obsessive, but as with every product, there's always room for improvement. Our biggest gripe? The speakers. Sure, they're good enough for a viral Twitter video and or a quick Facetime, but when it comes to
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IBM has created a computer smaller than a grain of salt

If there's one downside to powerful computers, it's that they're too damn big.  Luckily, that's about to change. At least, if IBM has anything to say about it.  SEE ALSO: Hello, Watson: How AI actually learns how to think March 19 is the
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Weather bureau staff investigated for alleged cryptocurrency mining on work computers

Look, mining cryptocurrency off work computers mightn't be the greatest of ideas. Two IT employees at Australia's Bureau of Meteorology are under investigation by the Australian Federal Police, alleged to have used the agency's computers to mine
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Bitcoin enthusiasts take innovative approach, steal 600 computers

Mining for cryptocurrency can be an expensive proposition — albeit less so if you just go ahead and steal 600 powerful computers to do it for you.  That is exactly what 11 people are accused of doing in Iceland, after a large number of
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Salon's new business plan is running cryptocurrency-mining malware on your computer

It's hard out there for a publisher. But what if, ya know, the blockchain could fix it? That appears to be the thinking of digital media brand Salon, which today launched a new way to generate revenue off its readers. No, not some fancy subscription