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The State of the American Workplace

Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report is out. It’s a lot of information (214 pages!). But it’s important information and you’ll enjoy the most current data from this global collector and analyzer of work related
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Rajeev Kher: A trade policy agenda for India - I

From: Buisness-standard By Rajeev Kher Recommended by: business-standard These are difficult days for trade policymakers. The global economic scenario stays insipid, significantly impacting the trade environment. Despite a steep
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Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery and Mahindra Announce Start of their Strategic Partnership

From: Via: Our historic ties with Japan grow stronger.And also our capability of delivering cutting-edge products to the world
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Asia Business Council

From: Via: @maliniw90th check out for the economic development and competitiveness of Asia in the global
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4 customer service trends you need to know to up your game

From: Via: 4 customer service trends you need to know to up your game you’re in the customer service industry, then you need to