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It's Not Fair!

Mummy!!! She has more chocolates than I do - that's not fair!!!" It's the classic complaint we've heard over and over. We've all been there - sometimes we're "Mummy", sometimes we're "she" and
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Holiday & Leave Regulations

This article intends to highlight the Holiday and leave regulations for Establishments covered under The Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1961. You would be surprised to note that more than 25% of the salaries paid to employees
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Structuring your Employees’ Cost to Company (CTC)

Learn about "Cost to Company" or CTC in detail. Also given some tips to Structure the CTC of your employees. The phrase "Cost to Company" or CTC, as it is commonly known, means different figures to different people. For the
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Decide your own salary!

Is it really possible to create an organization where employees can truly decide? As employers and business owners, we want our team members to be committed and responsible. When is a person most committed and responsible? When he is taking
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Dedication to Duty - "Packing of Parachute"

Recently read a great story about Captain Charles Plumb, a graduate from the Naval Academy, whose plane, after 74 successful combat missions over North Vietnam, was shot down. He parachuted to safety, but was captured, tortured and spent 2,103 days
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Burgeoning telecom designer

Telecom designers are in demand and their pay scale is rising proportionately. Here’s a quick salary survey.   As the IT industry matures, specific specialisations are getting their due credit. Niche segments like Telecom Hardware
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It's all about money, honey

It’s that time of the year when we take stock of the compensation trends in various top industries. Who’s getting more moolah, who’s losing out? Find out. As the IT industry growth continues, the compensation of IT
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Peek preview into employees' thoughts

Is a fat pay packet good enough to retain your talented employees? If not, then why not? What figures top on their wish list? Find out … Employee satisfaction can be called the raison d’etre of HR departments. Often job satisfaction
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Compensation conundrums

The latest trends in compensation for the IT industry. The IT industry is again on a roll after a long recession. It is again an employee’s market now. The professionals are in demand and are charging a premium.   Every
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Employee Equity Management - Linking employee motivation to productivity and profits

While many theories in reams of text has been written, the subject debated among the best of ‘gray cells’ and seminars organized across the globe, managing employee equity wherein an organization can keep its people motivated and links