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Asking people to Google their questions about the LGBTQ community is appealing — but risky

If you're a member of the LGBTQ community, chances are you've been asked the same questions over and over. Did someone or something make you gay? What does transgender even mean? Why do there have to be so many pronouns? It's exhausting, especially
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Community rank

You’re probably familiar with class rank. Among all the kids in this high school, compared to everyone else’s GPA, where do you stand? And you’ve heard about sports rank, #1 in the world at tennis or golf or chess. But somehow, we
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Massive 11-million-ton iceberg towers over little village in Greenland

A colossal 11-million ton iceberg is towering over a tiny Greenland village, captured in one of the most jaw-dropping photos you'll see this week. Taken by Karl Petersen on Friday, the photograph shows an enormous 650-feet-wide iceberg sitting
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Sourcing Through Social Media Communities – How to Bridge the Gap Between Remote Recruiting and the Locality of Your Markets – Part 2

Previously I detailed the justification for adding Facebook as a sourcing method for passive candidates in local markets.  The sheer volume of users and the percentage of time most of them spend using the Facebook provides an abundance of
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Sourcing Through Social Media Communities – How to Bridge the Gap Between Remote Recruiting and the Locality of Your Markets – Part 1

Telecommuting has become incredibly common in the workplace in the last decade, and trends indicate that the number of remote workers will continue to grow. For the talent acquisition profession, this means that sourcing specialists will often not
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LGBTQ truckers talk embracing identity and finding community over thousands of miles

Long-haul truck drivers already face plenty of dangers on the road, but if you also happen to be a gay couple or a trans woman emerging from the cab at a gas station or rest stop, these can potentially expand to discrimination, violence, and hate.
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Synchronize your watches

Time zones are a recent invention. It used to be that local time was different everywhere. Each village had its own high noon. Factories required synchronization, so that workers would all show up at the same time (which probably led to the alarm
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Miss America will scrap the swimsuit portion, devastating the bro community

Miss America, America's favorite shitshow of a competition, has decided to make a radical change. Gretchen Carlson, Former Fox News host and Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of the Miss America Organization, announced Tuesday on Good Morning
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Your Local #SourceCon Chapter – a Community Expands to Local Reach

“If you build it, he will come.” Field of Dreams was always a favorite movie of mine, and this quote is referring to the baseball field a farmer built out in the middle of an open prairie was referring to...
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Meet NoFap, the Reddit community for people who want to stop masturbating

This post is part of Mashable's Masturbation Week. May is National Masturbation Month, so we're celebrating by exploring the many facets of self-love. Most medical professionals generally consider masturbation to be a healthy, productive exercise.