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Exxon sued for stoking drought, floods, and wildfires

Coastal cities like New York and San Francisco have already started legal battles with oil giants for knowingly fueling climate change. Now, landlocked communities in Colorado have filed their own suit against the oil companies Exxon Mobil and
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VW will race its all-electric prototype in the Rocky Mountains

The "Race to the Clouds" is on and Volkswagen is putting its all-electric I.D. R Pikes Peak prototype racing car to the test. The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 24 in Colorado's Rocky Mountains is a 100-plus year tradition that races
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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Comanche’s Tech Absorption Curve

A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. In an astonishingly short time period, the Comanche Native Americans progressed from a technologically primitive tribe (nomadic, little use of textiles, basketry or pottery), to becoming the
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5 things to know about Uber's self-driving trucks

Self-driving trucks are moving freight in Arizona using Uber Freight, the company announced Tuesday. The tool helped transfer a load last month from the Midwest to its final destination in Southern California. For 340 miles of the trip, the truck
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What's killing more pedestrians: smartphones or legal weed?

There were roughly 6,000 pedestrians killed in car accidents in the U.S. in 2017. That's the same high level of pedestrian fatalities as was recorded in 2016, up from about 5,400 in 2015. In fact the number has been climbing since 2009, with only
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Following marijuana legalization, teen drug use is down in Colorado

From: Via: @KurtHenninger @MarkIrvine89 Hello, the source is in the tweet. This one:
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From: Via: 100% correct. In fact, had an entrepreneur friend think I was talking about him, when he fell under your exception.'m a
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Smoke weed, get paid: Marijuana reviewer wanted for The Oregonian

Stoners have always dreamed of a career in which they could smoke weed, test out new marijuana products and be compensated for their superior knowledge, and now there's a position open with that very job description.The Oregonian and its online
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From: Via: [Incredible story, questions] Unfreed: The man who was accidentally released from prison 88 years early. Robert
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Marijuana tourism in Colorado far surpasses expectations

From:   By: Sam Sexton Via: Marijuana tourism in Colorado far surpasses expectations