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Secure your data with this password manager that's on sale

If you’re still using the same password you used in college, then you don’t have the right to mock babyboomers for not understanding technology. In this age of ransomware and leakage, there’s no excuse for playing it fast and loose
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The Facebook Crisis That Didn’t Need To Be

What caused the current Facebook crisis? It is hard to argue that the CEO who operates the company does not share responsibility. However, the seeds may have been planted long before.
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These college courses give students free money — so they can donate it all away

If someone asked you to picture a philanthropist, chances are a billionaire like Bill Gates or John D. Rockefeller Sr. would come to mind. But not all philanthropists are billionaires, or even millionaires for that matter. People who make modest
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5 ways that President Trump could affect your student loans

From: Mashable By NerdWallet Recommended by: Mashable Mr Brexit? Image: Getty ImagesPresident-elect Donald Trump has plans to address college affordability and student debt, though many details remain to be worked out. In an Oct.
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Should Millennial Entrepreneurs Skip College?

A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes. Should millennial entrepreneurs go to college? Given the stellar startup careers of non-college graduates like Zuckerberg, […] The post Should Millennial Entrepreneurs Skip College?
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Uniforms, ID cards to screen out molesters in Ranchi colleges

From: Hindustan Times ByRecommended by: Hindustan timesStudents of Ranchi University may soon be compelled to wear uniforms and ID cards as university officials attempt to screen out troublemakers who hang around campus and harass them.Students
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The Not-So-Optimistic Career Outlook For The Class Of 2015

The Class of 2009 may have graduated with the burden of recessionary economics weighing down their diplomas, but this year’s college and high school grads are not much better off. So says the Economic Policy Institute, which just released a report
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‘Gym rats’ may get better grades in college

From: Via: ‘Gym rats’ may get better grades in college students who join the campus gym during their freshman and sophomore
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Is college segregating American cities?

From: Via: Is college segregating American cities?’s cities are dividing themselves into two distinct groups, with college-