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How To Assess Product-Market Fit For Your SaaS Business

From: Via: RT @Prequate: How to assess a Product-Market fit for your SaaS business. #Saas #GTM
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Sending doodles to the cloud isn't even the craziest thing this notebook can do

Digitization has more or less sent filing cabinets, Rolodexes, microfiche, card catalogs, and other forms of analog record-keeping into the great office space in the sky. There’s a good reason for that: Important records should be easily
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Take online classes in cloud computing for just $19 and impress your boss

The cloud is one of the most frequently misunderstood technologies. We rely on it for everything from email to analytics to puppy GIFs, but if someone ever really, truly demanded an explanation, most of us could only give a cursory explanation. SEE
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This up-and-coming cloud service has way better pricing than Dropbox

We all need to rethink our approach to storing files. We have too much data and too many devices to manage it all on a single device. What we all need is a platform-agnostic cloud service that stores all our files in the cloud and gives us access to
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How Cloud Computing Is Changing Management

It’s speeding up product life cycles and fostering more customer interaction.
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When will Indian innovation come of age?

From: Buisness-standard By Chandru Chawla Recommended by: business-standard The Forbes list of The World’s Ten Most Innovative Companies has some surprises. There are four Asian companies — one from China, one from South Korea and
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It’s Happening – Google Launches its Jobs Search Engine

After nearly a year of speculation, a search engine optimizer in Australia capturing screenshots in the wild, and an official announcement from the CEO, Google for Jobs officially launches today. Now, when you visit Google and type in “
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Digital platforms & changing engagement models

From: Buisness-standard By Ganesh Natarajan Recommended by: business-standard Digital transformation has come a long way in most corporations from the early days of exploring the cloud and moving from CAPEX to OPEX for the use of