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Owner sets up security camera to figure out how their clever dog keeps escaping

The Dog Liberation Movement has officially begun. Take a look at this Frenchie, who used their dog wiles to break free from their designated dog zone. Unable to figure out how the dog kept escaping, the owner set up a camera to catch it in the act
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Amazon's Cyber Week UK sale has kicked off with great deals on Arlo security cameras

Yes, Black Friday included a considerable number of tech-focused deals. But it's been and gone. It's all about Cyber Monday now!   Amazon has certainly moved on, and has kicked off its Cyber Week UK sale with a bunch of deals on Arlo security
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Guard your home with one of these smart security cameras that's on sale

Even if you have a trusty building security guard, multiple locks on your door, and a dog, there might still be intruders determined to break into your home and wreak havoc. You can never be too careful, and it's always smart to take extra
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Amazon is having a great smart home sale, with savings on smart plugs, lightbulbs, doorbells, security cameras, and more

Incase you've been dabbling with the idea of turning your house into a full-blown smart home (we know, once you've experienced Alexa it's hard not to imagine all the possibilities), now is definitely a good time to test out some products since
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Bananas CCTV video concludes with woman falling through ceiling

The ceiling escape attempt: Great for action stars, less so for normal people.  That's the lesson learned from this bananas CCTV footage taken from a Canadian convenience store where an attempt to evade local police ended with a hole in the
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Harrowing surveillance video captures iPhone catching fire

Nobody likes to deal with a broken phone. But in some cases, a damaged phone can lead to something much more serious than a simple inconvenience.  That's apparently what happened at a phone repair shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, where an iPhone
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The Kickstarter campaign for this smart security camera by Eufy was funded in just two days

FACT: Everyone hates getting robbed.  But what are you doing to prevent it from happening to you and your family? If you aren't one of the 35 million Americans who has a home security system set-up, chances are, you aren't doing enough. 
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This home security camera is on super sale right now

There's never anything wrong with a little extra security in your home, so equip yourself with a YI Dome Camera, on sale today. SEE ALSO: This is not your parents' camera tripod The YI Dome camera offers 1080p hi-def 360-degree coverage of any given
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Today's best deals include PlayStation and Xbox bundles, robot vacuums, security cameras, and Dell laptops

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. President's Day might be over, but the tech deals are
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Nvidia is creating surveillance cameras with built-in face recognition. Uh, great?

Nvidia has partnered with AI developer AnyVision to create facial recognition technology for "smart cities" around the world. The two companies will work to install automatic facial recognition into CCTV (closed-circuit television) surveillance