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Here Are The Unhappiest Cities to Work in the U.S., According to Kununu

Glassdoor-wannabe Kununu has released its happiest and unhappiest places to work in the U.S. Here are the winners and losers. Happiest Cities to Work Fresno, California. Sacramento Louisville Los Angeles Omaha Boston Raleigh Wichita, Kansas. Miami
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Where's the Pulitzer prize for these reviews of New York City beaches?

More than any other city on earth, New Yorkers are uniquely adept at complaining — and putting up with shit. It's what makes the city great.  New Yorkers won't settle for a mediocre piece of pizza, but they'll happily sit on rotten urine-
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Mix - Bangalore Times – Flirt with Your City Rap

From: Via: Bangalore Times – Flirt with Your City Rap via @YouTubeIs your city the best? Bring it
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Robots can build entire cities almost for free. These architects are making it happen.

Manuel Jimenez Garcia and Gilles Retsin are literally setting the foundations for an architecture of the future. They are co-founders of the Design Computation Lab at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, where they work
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Bike-sharing has blown up in the past year, but cities are wary after the mess in China

Friday is National Bike to Work Day, but this year it's a bit different.  It's the first year the U.S. will celebrate the two-wheeled holiday since the inundation of bike-share companies, with dockless bicycle fleets landing in cities across
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Amazon Go cashier-less stores will open in these 2 major US cities

Amazon is hiring — and while that news isn't particularly unusual, some very detailed job listings from the company may have given away the online retail giant's future plans. The company posted four job listings last month suggesting that the
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This major US city just took a big step to curb bike litter

Chicago is the first major American city to take a strong stance on keeping its sidewalks open and accessible instead of littered with discarded bicycles. The city begins a six-month pilot program next week in an aim to keep litter from bicycle-
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From Norway to India, these ‘pollution pods’ let you sample the worst and the best air quality of cities around the world

Pollution Pods is an installation by British artist Michael Pinsky that aims to raise awareness about the harmful impact of the toxic air in some of the world's most densely populated cities. The installation consists of five geodesic domes that