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Giving back and building a better future through FinTech

Advertising Content from CitiWith initiatives like Giving Tuesday on November 27, today’s global community has greater opportunities than ever before to help those in need. A credit to the internet’s shrinking of the globe, social
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iPhone excitement declining each year, says analysts

Do you find yourself becoming less and less excited about Apple’s newest iPhone each year? If so, you’re not alone. A recent study shows that folks are losing enthusiasm over the newest release of Apple’s flagship product, the
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Shaping the new FinTech frontier

Advertising Content from CitiThanks to the emerging hybrid industry of FinTech — which blends startup agility with the robust resources of traditional banking institutions — the future of personal finance is not only high-tech, but also
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Citi FinTech lets consumers define the future of banking

Advertising Content from CitiTechnologies that champion customization and co-creation are rapidly transforming modern society. Everyday tasks from how you select a new pair of running sneakers to managing your finances are becoming more personalized
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FinTegration: Citi and Qantas brought the future of banking to SXSW

Advertising Content from Citi Mobile technology enables more people to be connected, across greater distances, than ever before. An ecosystem of apps has sprung up to fulfill our every desire, from late-night takeout to booking that much-needed
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Sallie Krawcheck Wants You to Avoid Making Her Mistakes

From:   By: Maria Aspan Via: How to Ethically Prime People to Hear Your
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Finding a Better Way to Value Companies in the Digital World

From: Via: Finding a Better Way to Value Companies in the Digital World a world
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Impact of automation puts up to 85% of jobs in developing countries at risk

From: Via: Radiologists, doctors, wealth advisors, legal researchers all be at risk. Will have abundance & income
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Why powerful people are rarely punished appropriately

From:   By: Jeffrey Pfeffer Via: Why powerful people are rarely punished appropriately: [Spoiler
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AP's 'robot journalists' are writing their own stories now

From:   By: Ross Miller Via: “AP's 'robot journalists' are writing their own stories now.