Choose a career, not a job

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One should plan their career intelligently not hastily. Job is a need, Career is Indeed.

It is the primary right of any student to understand the difference between a job and a career. A job is essentially for a short period and satisfies the immediate needs, be it financial or social. Career is a long term goal and is equated with ones aspirations and ambitions. In today’s case it determines the future. But interestingly it is you that should be deciding your future not the situation. Though many a times financial needs and moral support involves a career decision. Still one must never compromise in any given situation for a situational job.


choose a careerb&w.jpgThe crucial stage is the choice you make when you climb your study ladder. With the right choice of education, half of your career is complete. It is very crucial for a student to put in a little effort to study the history of the colleges or institutes where they plan to join and also speak to other senior students. Later, you can only build on the foundation which you have laid. Do not compromise on your studies. If later, you don’t get to choose your career for whatsoever reason, don’t loose heart and give up. Be patient.


The reason why many of us don’t move towards a career and are quick in settling down for any available job is simply because of financial commitments. And that’s when we give in, for immediate needs do not allow us to relax further or plan things for the future. Nevertheless this is not the only mistake we make. By giving into an available job we continue to be unhappy and career becomes an uncertainty.

One must never compromise in any given situation for a situational job

We continue in the mundane mind-numbing job because of the cozy comfort zone it cradles us into. We don’t make any efforts to break the comfort wall built around us which eventually becomes a hard metal wall which is difficult to break. And by delaying further we make it break-resistant.


The very fact that accountability and responsibility is far higher ought to be a very strong motivating factor whilst choosing a career. This is not so in the case of a mere job. Above all these, the level of involvement you develop, the degree of enthusiasm you generate, the quantum of satisfaction you derive is phenomenal whilst you are at your career and this is certainly not possible if you are sticking on to the job.

We continue in the mundane mind-numbing job because of the cozy comfort zone it cradles us into.

In general we broadly fall into one of these categories:


1. The luckiest ones are those who have made their career choices without any hurdles.


2. The wise ones are those who made their career choices right from educational level.


3. The talented ones are those who have decided their career and achieved it after crossing hurdles.

4. The smart ones are those that got into some profession but eventually achieved their career choice at a later stage. It is like taking different routes to reach the aimed goal.


5. The practical ones are those who turn their current job into a career and excel at it.


6. The unsuccessful ones are those who have settled down in their current job which is not their career choice and then keep cribbing about their bad luck.


Even after all the planning a successful career could be disturbed by situations and circumstances. Nevertheless, one has to begin on a positive approach. So what are you waiting for, your dreams are waiting to be realized.


The author is the Ex Head Human Resource, Biocon Ltd. Currently - HRD and Change Management Consultant



Issue BG51 June05


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