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Vivo's V9 is a notched Android with AI smarts

China's Vivo has launched a new flagship phone, and of course it has the iPhone X-style notch. But beneath the inspired-by-Apple design (even the phone's rear side looks a lot like the iPhone X) there's some interesting tech.  First, the phone'
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Chinese messaging app WeChat banned by Australia's Defence Force

Last month, U.S. intelligence agencies weren't so into the idea of people using Chinese phones. The heads of the CIA, FBI and NSA told a Senate committee in February they didn't recommend products or services by China's Huawei or ZTE be used by
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Your iPhone may be driving Apple to desperate measures in a race that’s bad for the planet

The work is not easy at the Kamoto Underground Mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where laborers — some of them children — spend long hours each day retrieving copper and separate it from the more lucrative and rare metal
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China banned the letter 'N' from Weibo and WeChat

In some sort of Sesame Street 'Letter of the Day' nightmare situation, the letter N was temporarily banned on many of China's most popular social platforms. SEE ALSO: China ironically decides to clamp down on online news outlets on World Press
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Chinese iCloud account privacy may be at risk once Apple complies with new laws

Apple is preparing for a big change at the end of the month: Henceforth, iCloud data belonging to users based in China will have to be stored there, in the company's new Chinese data center. That means text message, emails, and other data stored in
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Determined woman accompanies bags into x-ray machine

Having personal items checked by an x-ray conveyor belt is a necessary hindrance that no one really enjoys. One woman at the Dongguan Railway Station in China, however, felt particularly strongly about having to give up her bags to the security
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Trump's NSS, China & security needs: Time for India to guard own interests

From: Buisness-standard By Premvir Das Recommended by: business-standard Several recent developments have further highlighted the need for India to develop a holistic national security strategy. The first was the emergence of a
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An ode to this soothing YouTube channel where a woman calmly makes everything she needs

If you need to just relax and peacefully zone out while watching someone be silently capable, I have the YouTube channel for you.  李子柒, very roughly translated as Seven Plums, is a newer YouTube channel that features a