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China is the lead suspect in the Marriott hack, report says

What's worse: a massive financial crime, or a years-long international espionage operation? China is emerging as the lead suspect in the Marriott security breach that affected 500 million customers, according to a new report from Reuters. Security
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Not luxurious at all

From: Buisness-standard By Neelesh Hunderkari Recommended by: business-standard The luxury market in India attracts significant media and popular attention and is mostly believed to be on an upswing. Simultaneously, almost as
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Trump's White House just gave you another reason to buy an electric car right now

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced a lower-priced Model 3 a few months ago, he deducted thousands in federal tax incentives from the sticker price. On Monday, according to Reuters, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said the subsidies for
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South Korea charges 9 people for selling Samsung's foldable phone secrets to China

Sherlock, it seems to be a case of Techspionage. South Korean prosecutors have filed charges against nine people and two companies for selling Samsung's intellectual trade secrets to a Chinese company, Bloomberg reported late Wednesday evening per a
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A scientist says he altered the genes of two baby girls. How big a line did he just cross?

If genetics researcher He Jiankui has provided an honest account of his new experiment, there are twin baby girls alive in China right now, and He altered and edited their genes.  This news — if proven to be true — is an
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A scientist claims to have made the world's first gene-edited babies — Sharp Science

Professor He Jiankui claims that he successfully altered the DNA of twins in order to make them immune to HIV. The scientist from China made the announcement through a YouTube video earlier this week, and has subsequently sparked moral concerns.
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Google to face worldwide protests on November 27 over censored search engine

Google might just have to get used to protests. Weeks after Google employees around the globe walked out of offices in protest of the company's handling of claims of sexual misconduct, the Mountain View-based search giant is about to face yet
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Indiegogo CEO: We want to reach more Chinese inventors

Ten years ago, Indiegogo launched the modern era of crowdfunding by creating a place where anyone could pitch their idea, product, or creative endeavor to the entire world, asking for the funds to make it reality. Today there are no shortage of