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Barack Obama dressed as Santa to surprise kids at a children's hospital

'Tis the season to watch the former president of the United States be cute as hell, apparently. Barack Obama spent Wednesday donning a Santa hat and spreading holiday cheer while handing out presents at Washington's Children’s National
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Child appears to teleport during BBC interview

Did we all just watch a kid teleport on the BBC? During an interview about Theresa May's leadership earlier this week, a small child appeared to materialize out of thin air behind the interview subject, and people are confused.  SEE ALSO:
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Eddie Redmayne did some really weird things as a child and we're not sure we can forgive him

Listen, we all did weird stuff when we were little. Like throwing wet paper towels at our annoying younger siblings, and smearing your mum's lipstick all over your face.  But, Eddie Redmayne confessed to BBC Radio 1's Greg James that he used to
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Why the Trump administration is terrified of these children

Twenty-one children, adolescents, and young adults — all between the ages of 11 and 22 — were set to face off against the United States in an Oregon courthouse on Oct. 29.  But instead, the highest court in the land has temporarily
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Cody Wilson, the face of 3D printed guns, was just charged with sexual assault of a child

The face of the battle over 3D printed guns has some new legal trouble on his hands: the alleged sexual assault of a child. Cody Wilson, the 31-year-old 3D printed firearm activist, was just charged Wednesday with the sexual assault of a minor that
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These kids training to play soccer like Neymar in the World Cup all deserve an A+

When you're practicing your soccer skills, it's important to cover all the basics: passing, tackling, dribbling, shooting.. and, of course, Neymar-ing.  SEE ALSO: This 1 photo perfectly sums up just how obsessed England is with the World Cup
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5 books about immigrant and refugee experiences that you'll want to read with your kids

Over the past several weeks, we've had heartrending conversations about what's happening to migrant children and their families at the U.S. border.  The Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy has separated children from
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Is 'Fortnite' addiction among young children actually a real problem?

For all its viral coverage, celebrity fans and massive, 125 million person-strong playerbase, Fortnite is not without its issues. Despite being rated 12, the super popular Battle Royale game has recently been shadowed by reports of addiction among
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Protesters blast audio of crying children outside Kirstjen Nielsen's house

Another day, another protest against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Days after Nielsen, who recently spoke in defense of the Trump administration's immigration policies at a press briefing, was confronted by protesters
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Get two Fire HD 7 and Fire HD 8 tablets for kids from Amazon and save $50

Amazon has a deal going on today that saves you $50 when you buy either two Fire HD 7 tablets or two Fire HD 8 tablets for kids.  For starters, either of the Fire HDs are an awesome choice as far as kids' tablets go. Both models come with a