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Throw some cheese on your dog because the internet said so

Most internet challenges are bad, but Dog Cheese is good. Dog Cheese, since you asked, is a fun game where you throw a piece onto your dog and see what happens. There are very few rules: the cheese must land on the dog, certainly, but we understand
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A cheese advent calendar will make your holidays cheesy and bright

Not a fan of the traditional chocolate-filled advent calendar? Well then, this cheese-filled advent calendar may be just what you're looking for. Target will be selling its first ever cheese advent calendar in the US this year, containing 24
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Cheese lovers will obsess over these solar-powered products

SunMade Cheese collects energy from the sun and then distributes it to these super cheesy products. While the design is cute, the company behind the design is the real dealAs part of their work, the team donates "Solar Cows" to school in Africa so
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Kellyanne Conway calls Trump the 'commander of cheese'

Alternative facts queen Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN's New Day on Wednesday to discuss Tuesday's Eagles-free celebration of the Philadelphia Eagles. She said a bunch of stuff, as she often does, but one phrase will be embedded in my brain
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Cheese and bacon-scented hair products are here and they're awful

Do you love bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches? Do you love them so much you want to smell like one? Yeah... neither do I. Einstein Bros. is selling a limited supply of Cheesy Shampoo and Wakin' Bacon Condition, and boy do they reeeeeek.
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Atta, LED bulbs, smart phones may come under new inflation, output data

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Packaged atta, sooji, oats, cheese, LED bulbs and TVs, smart phones and laptops may come under the new inflation and industrial data, say experts, which will give a realistic
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Center for Science in the Public Interest

From: Via: 9 Most Calorie-Filled Chain Restaurant Meals: #1: Applebee's "sampler": 3,390 cal, 65
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How Kraft Used Psychology to Make Its Mac and Cheese Go Viral

From:   By: Justin Bariso Via: How Kraft Used Psychology to Make Its
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The great British biscuit shortage, and the foods we Brits could not live without

From:   By: Eleanor Steafel Via: The great British biscuit (
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Pornhub in possible legal pickle over cheesy ad

It's so hard. So salty. Such a sinful pleasure in your mouth.We're referring to Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, of course.The Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese Consortium is threatening legal action against Pornhub, an adult entertainment website, after the