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Can you change?

From: By Amruth Kumar Recommended by: greatscope All of us feel that we are open to change. But are we really? Take this short test to understand your readiness ( or reluctance ) to change
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Changing Mindset

How long does it take to change one's life?                                  
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Control your Moods

Every time you lose your temper, you get scared, or you get excited, remember that you are experiencing a mood shift. When these mood shifts are intense, they're called mood swings.  Man, as an emotional entity, is prone to
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Awareness - the Magic Mirror

If only we all had a way to look at ourselves objectively... we would surely all be more effective and efficient. We would surely not have made many mistakes, and we could also have reached success earlier. So what is the MIRROR? How do we use this
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Water the flowers and not the weeds- Solutions Focus

“Water the flowers and not the weeds” sums up the key message of Mark McKergow the Co-author of the book “The Solutions Focus”. Typically when faced with an issue we focus on the Problem and try to fix it. “The
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Change Management : Why change is causing fatigue - a perspective in Change Leadership

What are the main reasons that cause change fatigue and what can organisations and managers do to minimise this at all stages of a change/transformation programme?   Today’s corporations are dominated by meaningless activity and
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Planning Change Management Communication

Anyone with experience in change management knows that efforts can succeed or fail based on communications. Experience consistently teaches that it's almost impossible to over-communicate when leading change. Not many sources, however, give
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Making your IP portfolio work for you

In business and accounting an asset is defined as anything owned, whether in possession or by right to take possession, by a person or a group acting together, e.g. a company, the value of which can be expressed in monetary terms. According
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Change Management -The market place and business models have changed forever

"It is not the fittest who will survive the change but those who are having the ability to adopt to change" – Charles Darwin Understanding the change that is hitting all of us and managing it has become almost the primary task to
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Understanding and Managing Change

In this chaotic environment, organizations in business, government and the social sector are all  Challenged to adapt, to stay competitive, and to motivate people despite, and because of,such rapid and sweeping change.   An