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The “C” Word in the “C” Suite

There’s a very old joke about a man who asks his brother to watch his cat while he’s on vacation. The man comes back and asks his brother, “How’s the cat?” and the brother tells him, “Sorry, but the cat
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Do you have Waigaya meetings?

Honda does. They have an established practice of spontaneous, agenda-free meetings in which people discuss problems, share facts, express opinions, challenge each other including senior colleagues, and attempt to find effective solutions. It is
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The Rest of the David-Goliath Story

From: Recommended by: Ramesh Dasary David versus Goliath is the quintessential story of winning in the face of insurmountable challenges. Most know the story of the
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How To Say No and Win More Clients as a Result

When a prospective client makes contact to book an appointment, your initial reaction I am sure is to make yourself available to them anytime and as quickly as possible because you need more business. But just stop for one minute and think
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60% of candidates are not selected in campus interviews - what next?

I have interviewed almost 20 candidates from various B-schools for the post of Sales Executives., who ware not selected in campus interviews conducted by major corporate clients .  These B-shools do not entertain Small and Medium enterprises by