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Capt Gopinath - Dare to Dream

I have always held the view that a nation moves on entrepreneurial spirit of its people.   It takes the country forward. India has always been entrepreneurial, the marwadis,...... going back centuries . It is a kind of tradition. But
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Jimmy Wales - Wikipedia & Free Culture

‘Imagine a world where every single person is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge.' This was the vision statement with which Jimmy Wales started Wikipedia. Find out the story behind wikipedia from Jimmy Wales
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C K Prahalad - India @ 75

C K Prahalad in conversation with TATA CEO's How and where do you picture India in the next 15 years ? Read on to see what visionaries like C K Prahalad, Prof. University of Michigan, B Muthuraman, CEO Tata Steel, Ravi Kant, MD Tata
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Prof. Roger Martin - Win Through Integrative Thinking

  The ability to creatively resolve opposing ideas by forming new, better ones sets successful business leaders apart from the rest. The good news is that you can learn this skill too, and join the ranks of those "thinking to win
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Who needs a VC and when?

  Mr. Ganesh Rengaswamy - co-founder, Travel Guru, Investment mentor and strategic adviser answers this question and more about  Funding, Valuation and Exits...   Excerpts :   One of the first questions I
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Bill Gammell - Seinfeld on Marketing

Bill Gammell talks about Marketing Lesson # 6 ( Loyalty Programs)and # 7  (Competition Myopia Seinfeld Episode) from  the Cast of the Show About 'Nothing'. 7 Marketing Lessons from the Cast of the Show About 'Nothing
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Geoffrey Moore - Crossing the cracks in the Marketplace

The high-tech marketing guru, Geoffrey Moore is the author of the book ‘Crossing the Chasm', Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream. This classic text is widely accepted as the bible for bringing cutting-edge products to
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Shirish Nadkarni - Speaking a new language

  LiveMocha integrates rich dynamic instructional content helping users gain real conversational proficiency. It is an electrifying new Web 2.0 company that brings a whole new radical approach to language learning.  
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Som Mittal - The Entrepreneurial CFO

Indian companies in particular that have grown global in their market presence and have the challenges of handling multitude of cultures, laws, compliance requirements and business practices. A home grown CFO needs to have a short learning curve on
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Azim H Premji - Structured Innovation

The need today in the business world especially that in the technology area; is INNOVATION, which is fundamental for growth. Excerpts of the talk by Azim H Premji, Chairman of Wipro, on this topic..... The India IT industry including