CARBOXY Pen Therapy Launched In India

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 "As more and more urban Indians are becoming health conscious today, health sector is witnessing a huge spurt in technological innovations. The carboxy pen therapy brought in to India by Dr Keerthi Patel & Dr Sangeetha Patel today heralds a new chapter in Indian medicine," said Mr R Ashok, Health Minister of Karnataka, while launching the carboxy pen therapy for the first time in India at the IN -XS Anti-aging & anti-obesity clinique here today.

"Obesity is a common problem in all cities in the country today, due to unhealthy lifestyles and food habits. A medical solution to obesity like the carboxy pen therapy is the need of the hour," added Ashok.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Prabhudev, cardiothoracic surgeon and  former director of Shri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology said, "Obesity is a silent killer and often the most neglected in our country. A lot of diseases in the body especially cardiac problems, hypertension and diabetes are a result of obesity. It is therefore important that the medical fraternity take obesity as a serious medical condition and treat the same. It is commendable that doctors like Dr Keerthi Patel and Dr Sangeetha Patel, both physicians have taken up obesity management and are providing a medical answer to this chronic problem. Moreover, with their experience in Jayadeva Institute, Dr Patels are also equipped to handle patients with any cardiac complications," he added.

"Carboxy pen therapy conducted by Dr Patels is a painless therapy done through a thin 13 mm 30 gauge needle with a carboxy pen and hence does not cause fat embolism," added Dr Prabhudev.