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No, it's not just you — allergy season is worse this year and that's exactly why you need an air purifier

Allergies are more annoying than usual this year, right? No really, it's not your imagination — pollen season is getting worse every year, and air purifiers are making their way to the must-have list of home appliances. A recent segment
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Earth just soared past yet another climate change milestone

The Earth's atmosphere is more saturated with greenhouse gases now than at any other time in human history. For the first time on record, the average amount of carbon dioxide — the main long-lived gas responsible for global warming — in
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Pruitt's EPA will now classify burning wood as 'carbon neutral,' baffling scientists (among others)

Under a new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) policy unveiled on Monday, burning forest products, known as biomass, will now be considered a "carbon neutral" fuel source.  The EPA's action, which EPA administrator Scott Pruitt announced
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Acidifying oceans could hit the very base of the ocean's food web

The bedrock of the ocean's food chain, on which whales, sharks, and octopi ultimately rely, are tiny bits of photosynthetic algae called diatoms. They come in thousands of shapes and are imperceptible to the human eye.  If their populations
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Overview of Greenhouse Gases

From: Via: @1918 I am: that trap heat in the atmosphere are called greenhouse gases. This
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Martin Feldstein: A plan to combat global warming

From: Buisness-standard By Martin Feldstein Recommended by: business-standard I recently joined several other former senior Republican officials in proposing a plan to limit carbon dioxide emissions. The group includes Jim Baker,
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How Living Inside Biosphere 2 Changed These Scientists' Lives

From: Via: How Living Inside Biosphere 2 Changed These Scientists' Lives us on FacebookTaber
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Just 90 Companies Caused Two-Thirds of Man-Made Global Warming Emissions

From: Via: The 90 companies that caused two-thirds of man-made global warming emissions: #depressingThis story first appeared on the