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How to Find Candidates on Flickr

Wikipedia describes Flickr (pronounced “flicker”) as an image hosting service and video hosting service. It was created by Ludicorp in 2004. It has changed ownership several times and has been owned by SmugMug since April 2018. In
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Old Ways and New Ways to Recruit Candidates

Every day we are bombarded by the news that something new was made or developed. New methods were discovered; a new process we need to follow; we hear almost everywhere that our world is evolving and that some things become...
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Taking a Chance on a ‘Stretch’ Candidate Who is 80 Percent There Could Be the Best Thing for All Involved

During my time as a manager and a consultant, I have read many excellent CVs and met some brilliant candidates. I’ve also met some arrogant applicants, some understated leaders, and some unfortunate professionals who are not sure where they
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A Story Inventory Will Allow You to WOW Top Candidates

How Stories Will Dramatically Improve Your Recruiting Results If you want to improve your recruiting results dramatically, one of the smartest things that you can do is to ask your new hires “Why did you say yes?” during onboarding. Most
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Watch this compelling ad for hero pilot and Texas congressional candidate MJ Hegar

Despite the ongoing hellstorm of political debate surrounding Russia, North Korea, and immigration, we can't forget there's a pivotal midterm election coming up in November. It's going to take a lot to garner attention with so much going on. Big ups
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Employees Excel at Selling Candidates – The Warriors’ ‘Hampton 5 Story’

When it comes to closing top candidates, your own employees are the best salespeople. Top recruiting leaders already know the tremendous value that a firm receives when it lands even a single superstar recruit. In addition to outstanding performance
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Early Recruiting Steps Determine If Candidates Want to Work at Your Firm

Revelation! Did you know that two thirds (67 percent) of candidates decide on whether they would accept a job at a firm prior to their first interview? Recruiting leaders who have long treated all recruiting steps equally now need to...
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How to Successfully Communicate With Candidates in Other Countries (Examples Included)

Successful communication with candidates seems to be one of the most significant challenges for recruiters. Contrary to what it appears, not only IT recruiters face this issue. This problem concerns Polish market as well as the Western countries.
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How to Tell if a Job Candidate’s Ability Matches Their Resume

It’s always exciting when you receive a resume from a job candidate who seems like a great fit. It’s even more exciting when the candidate nails the interview. And there’s nothing quite like the relief and satisfaction you feel
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Job Descriptions Are A Branding Opportunity

Do your job descriptions enable candidates to feel your culture? If they don’t, you are missing out on a distinctive branding opportunity and likely wasting precious time sorting through the wrong cultural fits. Brand every piece of