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Last night's primaries proved that LGBTQ candidates are coming to kick ass and take names

Tuesday night was a record night for LGBTQ politicians seeking elected office. You just need to know where to look. Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez won last night's Democratic primary for Texas governor. She'll be the first openly lesbian woman
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Are Your Candidates Moonlighting?

A second job moonlighting in addition to one’s regular employment or for those old enough to remember the comedy-drama television show starring Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd or Moonlight, an American paranormal romantic, both from the mid-
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Glassdoor Survey: Culture May Be the Secret Sauce That Makes Candidates Move for a Job

I know this from personal experience: It’s never an easy decision to pick up and move somewhere for a job. But as a new economic research study from Glassdoor points out, more than a quarter (28.5 percent) of applications on Glassdoor...
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Using Your Profile to Attract Candidates

There has been quite the conversation about company branding in our industry and how this is helping drive candidates into the process. Why Coca-Cola or IBM need a branding team is beyond me, I am pretty sure they are well...
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What Your Candidate Rejection Process Says About Your Culture

We recently hired a new intern class for the summer. Every year, I’m reminded how much rejecting finalist intern candidates stinks, mostly because college students aren’t desensitized yet to the murky, brandless, generic black box of
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Candidate Experience vs. Candidate Quality? Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

When it comes to hiring in 2018, candidate experience is driving the bus. Failure to provide a good candidate experience can spell disaster for your hiring process and your brand. If you want proof, check out this cool little widget...
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Crafting Engaging Emails to Candidates

Over the past year or so I have been observing the engagement space of recruitment. Having looked up engagement in a dictionary, I saw it was affiliated with words like relationship, something together and honest. Words that I very much would...
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Hiretual Ventures Into Candidate Engagement With Version 3.0 Launch

Hiretual is a sourcing tool known to be a recruiter or sourcers “best friend.” Co-Founders Ninh Tran and Steven Jiang created it with us in mind. They will proudly tell you that “Hiretual was built by recruiters for recruiters.
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The Strategy Behind Job Requisitions and Sourcing Candidates

In my previous blog, we discussed determining who needs to be involved in the hiring process and assuring they are aligned with the companies hiring goals. What next? The job requisitions. There is no perfect job description; no one size...
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How The Top Polish Sourcers Search For Candidates Outside of LinkedIn

The truth is that if sourcing is one of your tasks at work, you need to be creative. When it comes to searching developers, LinkedIn is very often not enough. What’s interesting, I see more and more developers asking what...