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Amazon's kid-friendly Echo works well, but don't waste your money on the bundle

Echo Dot Kids Edition $79.99 View Product The Good Alexa tells great jokes (for kids) • Voice-driven kids games are entertaining • Works just like a regular Echo Dot The Bad Teaching manners not effective for Echo veterans
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EU lawmakers raked Mark Zuckerberg over the coals — but, as usual, it didn’t matter

Mark Zuckerberg is back on his bullshit.  The Facebook CEO appeared before Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on Tuesday to discuss data protection in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The questions of European lawmakers were
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Mark Zuckerberg awkwardly dodges question about shadow profiles from European Parliament

Mark Zuckerberg really doesn't want to talk about shadow profiles.  On Tuesday, May 22, the Facebook CEO did his best to avoid directly answering questions from the European Parliament covering data privacy, Cambridge Analytica, and whether or
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The European Parliament will livestream its meeting with Mark Zuckerberg

Get ready to rumble. On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg will participate in another government hearing, this time with European officials. And the head of the EU parliament just announced that the meeting will be livestreamed.  Zuckerberg will meet
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UK data regulator tells Cambridge Analytica to hand over user's data, or else

The UK's data regulator is not letting Cambridge Analytica get off scot-free.  The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has waded into the next chapter of the unrelenting Cambridge Analytica drama. This time, the ICO has served the firm's
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While you weren't looking, Facebook hit Snap where it hurts most

In between apologizing for Cambridge Analytica and giving his new favorite stump speech in support of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg somehow managed to squeeze in the fact that his company is still hell-bent on hitting Snapchat where it hurts. And, if
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Mark Zuckerberg wants to move past Cambridge Analytica, but the world won’t let him

Mark Zuckerberg wants you to know that nothing can hold Mark Zuckerberg back. Unfortunately for him, the world doesn't quite agree.  As the Facebook CEO addressed a crowd of developers gathered Tuesday for the annual F8 conference, he took
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Everything Mark Zuckerberg had to say about data privacy at F8

Facebook's annual developer conference, F8, is underway, and it's all eyes on Zuck. The Facebook CEO opened the conference with a keynote address on Tuesday. He squared off with the elephant in the room right away: what Facebook plans to do to
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Facebook announces plans to build 'Clear History' tool to combat privacy concerns

Facebook's annual developer conference, F8, has historically been a celebration of the company's greatest achievements and most exciting researchNot this year.  In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which revealed millions of Facebook