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Woman is awarded $6.4 million in one of the largest revenge porn cases ever

$6.4 million. That's the latest bill for sharing revenge porn.  In a landmark case in California, one of the largest ever judgements in a revenge porn case has seen the United States District Court awarding $6.4 million to a Los Angeles County
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In-N-Out is suing an Australian tribute to the burger chain

Californian burger chain In-N-Out has no presence in Australia. Or anywhere much further than the U.S. west coast and Texas, really.  That hasn't stopped In-N-Out from suing Sydney-based restaurant Down N' Out, which opened in 2016 and served
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Appeals Court Says Prior Salary Doesn’t Justify Pay Differences

Just in time for Equal Pay Day, a federal appeals court today ruled today that an employee’s salary history alone is insufficient to justify pay differences between male and female employees. “Reliance on past wages simply perpetuates
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Shooting suspect slammed YouTube for 'discriminating' against her

The suspected shooter at YouTube's California headquarters on Tuesday has been identified as Nasim Najafi Aghdam, San Bruno Police confirmed. A San Diego resident, Aghdam died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound after shooting three people, one of
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Tech execs call for gun control after YouTube shooting

Major tech executives from the likes of Twitter and Uber have called for gun control following a shooting at YouTube’s California headquarters.   Three people were shot, one killed, after a shooter opened fire at YouTube's
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'Alternative Maps' dives into the craziest cartography stories

 It may or may not surprise you to know humans have done a bad job at mapping our planet.  The entire world once thought California was its own island, and we still know less about the bottom of the ocean than we do the topography of Mars
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Tesla Autopilot was turned on when the fatal crash in California occurred

Tesla has confirmed that yes, Autopilot was active when a Model X was the at the center of a fatal crash last week. A new post filed to the auto maker's blog on Friday confirmed this key detail. The March 23 crash, which occurred when the Model X
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Uber's self-driving car program won't be renewed in California

Uber's self-driving car program seems doomed — at least in two states where it was testing its driverless technology. Following last week's fatal crash in the Phoenix area, the company suspended all its programs in San Francisco, Pittsburgh,
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A SpaceX rocket launch blew a temporary hole in Earth's upper atmosphere

On August 24, 2017, the charged particles of Earth's ionosphere were doing what they typically do: hanging out between 37 and 620 miles above the Earth's surface, basking in incoming ultraviolet radiation from the sun.  Suddenly, and rather