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Instagram is no longer notifying users when you screenshot their story

In January, Instagram started testing an interesting new feature: It would notify users when someone took a screenshot of their stories.  According to BuzzFeed, though, Instagram is no longer testing the feature.  SEE ALSO: This '
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LOL, wait: The babies featured in Beyoncé and Jay-Z's tour assets apparently aren't their own

If you're crazy in love with those recently shared photos of Beyoncé and Jay-Z carrying what appeared to be their twin children, you might want to hold up. Turns out that the babies the couple's seen holding in projections at their "On The
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Honestly, what the heck is happening on YouTube?

One of the internet's most famed catchphrases is about porn: that any sort of erotica you could want or imagine, no matter how niche or messed up, exists somewhere online. That shouldn't be the case for YouTube — a video community monitored
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YouTube shooting became a Twitter monster because of trolling, not fake news

Police responded to an active shooter at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California on Tuesday that left three people injured and one dead. But before police could even get a grasp on the situation, Twitter erupted with lies and misinformation.
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Facebook VP Andrew Bosworth frantically takes to Twitter following leaked memo

When you're a high-level Facebook executive and something you said in the past comes back to haunt you, your best hope for salvation is frantically taking to Twitter. Or so it would seem for Andrew "Boz" Bosworth, the Facebook Vice President who is
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Fox News analyst quits after finally realizing it's a 'propaganda machine'

Life comes at you fast. Ralph Peters, a retired Lt. Col. for the army and until recently a Fox News strategic analyst, decided to leave his post at the station after finally having a moment of clarity.  SEE ALSO: What the hell is up with those
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Twitter reportedly suspended users that steal memes and force viral tweets

Friday went poorly for a select group of Twitter users that have earned a reputation for their expertise  at gaming the system. The social media company moved to suspend a number of popular accounts with millions of followers between them,
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Amazon reveals why Alexa is randomly laughing and creeping people out

Amazon has finally revealed why Alexa is randomly laughing, creeping out Echo users.  BuzzFeed first reported earlier this week that Amazon Echo users were surprised to hear their devices laughing at random. After confirming the company was
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Amazon Alexa's creepy, spontaneous laugh is weirding people out

Some people are creeped out enough having an Amazon Echo constantly listening to their every move in their home. But it gets even more disturbing than that.  As first reported by BuzzFeed, some Amazon Alexa users are reporting that their
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Rogue OpenTable employee makes hundreds of fake reservations on rival app

OpenTable, an online restaurant booking service, fired an employee who made hundreds of no-show reservations at various Chicago restaurants through rival site Reserve.  The unnamed OpenTable employee allegedly made around 300 fake reservations