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Questioning Skills that help the cause of Ideation

Why did you come late? Why can’t you do this? Is there someone who can give me a better idea? Who among you can solve this issue?  This is a simple concept. Who among you has not understood the problem? What is the capital of Mongolia?
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Lack of Repeat Customers - a tip of an iceberg!

While reviewing the business plan of a venture recently, one thing stood out –the venture was doing a good job in attracting new customers, but was also losing them at a significant rate. Sometime lack of repeat customers go unnoticed in
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Freemium : Is “Free” the new Price of Services ?

Freemium : Is “Free” the new Price of Services ? --Nagendra Chris Anderson the famous tech journalist states in his latest book “Free: The Future of a Radical Price” that in 1961 a single transistor cost 10 dollars
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How New Business Models are Emerging because of Twitter etc.

Food Vans Popping up and foodies queuing up just on time, Pop-up grocery stores, sharing a ride, all of these things are starting to happen because of the convergence of social mobile and the web. Articulating this trend is Lisa Gansky, who has just
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The road to entrepreneurship – part 3: Creating a fail-proof business model

As in the earlier parts of this series, our focus is on the bootstrap entrepreneur who may not have a fixed and firm business plan, who funds his business through modest and limited savings of his own, and has no major advantages, such as patented
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Change Management -The market place and business models have changed forever

"It is not the fittest who will survive the change but those who are having the ability to adopt to change" – Charles Darwin Understanding the change that is hitting all of us and managing it has become almost the primary task to
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I Know Best! Do You?

An emerging new trend to building organisations where participation and collaboration are the keys to success..... The Traditional Organization Structure has been designed to scale up one brilliant idea that the founding team got right. People