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In Business Intelligence, Sound Governance Drives Adoption And Success Via Enablement

An April 2016 report from Forbes Insights strongly suggests that the most successful business intelligence programs feature processes and solutions that place analysis and decision-making solutions in the hands of local business units and functions
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HR Data Alone Won’t Make You Strategic

Embedded analytics — defined by Gartner as analytic capabilities that are “easily accessible from inside the application, without forcing users to switch between systems” — are one tactic that has been heralded as an
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Business Intelligence & Analytics - SME or Big Company

Business Intelligence, BI or Big data , are increasingly becoming popular in the business world today.  They used to be terms one associated with large enterprises up until fairly recently.  However, as BI technology has advanced,
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How Business Intelligence Will Transform HR

TMA’s 2016 Human Capital Analytics Summit made it clear to me that despite the enormous financial benefit of an engaged workforce, the practice of collecting good data, providing thoughtful analysis, and applying that
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The challenges of business intelligence

From: Buisness-standard By Sangeeta Tanwar Recommended by: business-standard In business today, data has become a competitive advantage and a necessary component of product development. The influence of data on the process of
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Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2015

From: Via: RT @tableau: Do you have 5 minutes? That's all you need to read 2015's trends in business intelligence.…A new
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Mobile BI App cafe moba Blends IT Control and User Self-Service Flexibility

From: Recommended by: Rahul Rao   Mobile BI will become a necessity for the most efficient leaders within an organization. Deeper insights, real-time information, and the ability to
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What is a Dashboard Report?

From: Recommended by: John Dsouza  By: Dashboard Don Dashboards and their interaction with data in today's organizations. Dashboards can be considered an entry point to
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How India's favorite TV show uses data to change the world

From: Recommended by: John Dsouza Satyamev Jayate, one of India’s highest-rated television shows, is using data as a means to effect meaningful change. The show’s producers are
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Six Ways Business Intelligence Software Can Help Your Business

From: Recommended by: Rahul Rao  By: Jennifer Schiff 6 ways BI is helping businesses reach their goals, sooner and more effectively. Jaspersoft CEO Brian gentile explores