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The 2 X business growth jigsaw – how many P’s? 10 and counting!!

Having been brought up over much of our corporate careers on a diet of aggressive growth, breakthrough approaches, innovative ways of market creation or changing the rules of the game and striving for market leadership with a no excuses strategy and
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How Is 2015 Coming Along For You? Make It The Best Year Ever!

Every new year is an occasion to make new resolutions. Most of us also faithfully break our resolutions in the first 2-4 weeks of the new year.   In 2015, can we do something different so that we break lesser
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Private Victory Versus Public Victory

It is important to realize that in order to get results (public victory), we first need to have resourcefulness (private victory). This means that either as an executive or as an entrepreneur, we need to develop the thinking and attitude that is
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The NEW Definition of Networking

Twenty years ago, I wrote the first edition of The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret. In the book, I introduced several new terms to the business community, specifically in how they applied to ways to grow a business.
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Peak Performance – How to Get the Best from Your Brain

Here is a short video. It is a talk I gave recently about the brain. It also talks about its limitations of the brain, and how overcoming those limitations in our life can propel us to much higher career and business growth than our peers or
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Customer engagement or Simplicity? What do customers really want?

Why should a business be on social media? Ask any marketer and most likely the answer would be because you should engage with the customer and keep them interacting with the brand.   Click here to read the entire article on Forbes
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Four Decisions for driving Profitable Growth

Because of the Mastering the Rockefeller Habits workshop, we identified the key factors to increase our net income, and by assigning ownership at every level we have been successful. The One-Page Plan allows us to stay focused on the numbers.
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How to manipulate ERP Data !!!!

  Information on Why ERP is available in thousands of web-sites and blogs over internet.   Enough has been done to educate the masses on this subject.  For some ERP is mandatory, for some ERP is learning thing, for some ERP is a
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Looking into the FUTURE

Do not worry about past, since PAST is something which is dead & hence has no life to be able to contribute actively for your PRESENT & FUTURE. Often, there are instances wherein all of us spend a majority of our time justifying &
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Have You Made Your Business Networking Campaign Checklist?

It’s amazing what a business networking campaign can do for your business. People rely on recommendations from trusted sources much more than they do from mere advertisements. The best thing is, the costs associated with running a