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How Business Intelligence Will Transform HR

TMA’s 2016 Human Capital Analytics Summit made it clear to me that despite the enormous financial benefit of an engaged workforce, the practice of collecting good data, providing thoughtful analysis, and applying that
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HR’s 3 Duties to Business Traveling Safety

The unpredictable acts of terror we recently saw in major business destinations like Paris and Brussels are a stark reminder that protecting and preparing talent for travel should be a primary consideration for all HR departments. However, are you
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Ad fraud could become the second biggest organized crime enterprise behind the drug trade

From: Mashable By Patrick Kulp Recommended by: Mashable Networks of bots that defraud advertisers are big business for organized criminals. Image: Getty images / liam norrisIt may not make for a great Martin Scorsese film, but
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Daniel Kahneman’s Strategy for How Your Firm Can Think Smarter

From: Via: Daniel Kahneman’s Strategy for How Your Firm Can Think Smarter
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Fixing Common Organization Chart Mistakes

Ah, business ownership. Yep, it’s hard not to gaze upon what you’ve built and proclaim, “home sweet home.” Little do you suspect that the very foundation of your home, the organization chart, is about as flimsy as the paper
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The Social Business Mandate

“As venture capitalist Marc Andreessen has said, ‘Software is eating the world.’ We live in an age in which every aspect of our lives from physical devices to offline services is being digitized; the impact of social media on
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3 major business lessons grown-ups can learn from these kid moguls

From: Mashable By Nicole Cammorata Recommended by: Mashable Image: Flickr/Steven DepoloKids live in a world filled with possibility, where no dream is too big and no idea is too small. Because of this can-do attitude, kids
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Do Your Business Travelers Know What to Do In An Emergency?

Note: The author is chief security officer for On Call International, an organization that provides emergency evacuations and medical and security assistance to businesses and travelers anywhere in the world. With both business travel volume and
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India’s e-commerce start-ups are setting a dangerous precedent

From:   By: Sundeep Khanna Via: India’s e-commerce start-ups are
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Answers to the Strategist quiz (#462)

From: Buisness-standard By Strategist Team Recommended by: business-standard In order to protect its business during the heyday of the internet boom and avoid fighting with its competitors which company acquired four companies