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Holiday Party Networking Opportunities

The holiday party is a great time to meet people but… you should have a plan! Everybody goes to parties, and the holiday season is full of them. It’s also a business slowdown season for many of us who are not in retail. The
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Five Tips for Getting the Most From LinkedIn

If you had any lingering thoughts that social media was just a "fad," you may want to let those go, particularly in light of LinkedIn’s recent IPO -- with a valuation of $4.3 billion. I’ve been following the development
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The Networking Disconnect

I was at a networking event in Europe last year where more than 500 people were in attendance.The speaker who was on stage just prior to my presentation asked the audience: “How many of you came here hoping to do some business today–
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Three Trends in Business Networking

    There are three trends in business networking that I foresee over the next several years.  They relate to: Integration Education Association Integration Many business people have said to me:
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Need Advice? Your Network Can Help!

Have you ever purposely sought advice from your network members?  If not, you are missing out on one of the secondary benefits of being involved in a networking group. Sure, you are networking primarily to get referrals, but you also gain
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Networking: The Global Language of Successful Businesses

There’s a very good reason why referral networking is becoming an accepted and important marketing strategy in businesses worldwide: it works.   Imagine being dropped off in a foreign city with nothing but a few hundred dollars
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Fishing for Referrals

Just like fishing,  the  process of meeting people, staying in touch, and then asking for their business is something you can do time after time. Do referrals happen by accident? A few years
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How to get 121,624 friends help each other get business

Ivan Misner the master of Business Networking shares how he took an idea and built it into the worlds largest referral organisation . It started with a simple idea, "How can I help my friends and business associates get more business, and
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I Absolutely Refuse to Participate in a Recession

Many economic gurus are speaking the "R" word. . . recession.  According to them, various economic indicators seem to show that a recession is on its way, if not here already.  It's been years since our last recession. 
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Ten Commandments for Better Networking

Do you suffer from "Butterfly-itis" at the very mention of networking at business functions?  If you answered yes, you are not alone!  Many business people and entrepreneurs get a bit uncomfortable when it comes right down to