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Family Obligations and Networking Men vs. Women

Having run the world’s largest networking organization for many years, I occasionally hear people express concern about family obligations interfering with their ability to attend business meetings. Earlier this year I published a
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Need Advice? Your Network Can Help.

Have you ever sought advice from people who are in a network you belong to? If not, you are missing out on one of the secondary benefits of being involved in a networking group. Sure, the primary reason you’re networking is to get
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Best Way to Introduce Yourself

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy Short Introductions, fitting with the context, relevant to the audiance and coming from something real and genuine is the best way to introduce one self. This is a nice article
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Everyone Should Talk About Politics and Religion While Networking…

Yes, I believe everyone should talk about politics and religion while networking… if they’d like their network to go up in flames, that is. Okay, I admit that I chose this title to get your attention. Talking politics and
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Should YOU Spend Your Time and Money in a Networking Group

There are many reasons why people join networking groups. The most obvious – and what makes them remain in these same groups year after year – is that the relationships they make in these groups lead to their getting more
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Networking Systems Really DO Make a Difference

The old saying that we “treasure what we measure”—and vice versa—turns out to be highly relevant in networking.   I created a survey of 12,000 men and women for one of my most recent books. As my
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Networking Asian Style

Understanding cultural differences when doing business around the world is becoming more important in a global society. Even within large countries like the United States, there are differences from one region to another. When you go beyond that and
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Learning Networking Skills: Organized Study vs. “Winging It”

My colleagues and I, as co-authors of my most recent book (Business Networking and Sex– not what you think), thought that it would be interesting to see if men and women learned how to network differently. So in one of the surveys we created
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How to Build Your Online Reputation via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is THE online network of choice for business professionals.  If you are looking for a new position you need to be on LinkedIn.  If you are looking to raise the profile of your business, you need to be on LinkedIn.  If you
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When It Comes to Successful Networking, Everyone Wants to Get Along

The realm of business today is global, not just local or national. When we set out to discover what people thought about business networking, we focused on businesspeople, but in a broad cross-section of the world. Over a three-year period, more