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Benedict Cumberbatch gives advice on respecting girls and bullying to teen YouTuber

Most junkets don't involve being interviewed by teenagers, but Benedict Cumberbatch doesn't play by the rules! SEE ALSO: Avengers assemble on Twitter to help terminally ill little boy Cumberbatch was interviewed by YouTuber Sophia Grace, who is 14
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Sesame Street celebrates Autism Awareness Month by launching anti-bullying Kickstarter for kids

The Yellow Feather Fund, Sesame Street's nonprofit committed to helping children, is working to expand its autism initiatives.  With "Help Prevent Bullying," the organization's first-ever Kickstarter campaign, Sesame seeks to raise awareness of
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Parkland survivor David Hogg refuses Laura Ingraham’s apology after her sponsors start dropping

Fox News host Laura Ingraham is trying to stymie the gun control fight the best way she knows how — by bullying teenage survivors. Ingraham shared an article on Twitter yesterday revealing Parkland survivor David Hogg's rejection from four
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The cast of 'Love, Simon' talks coming out and clapping back at bullies

Love, Simon is a story about a closeted teen in high school falling in love through online correspondence and is the next great coming-of-age film. The cast, including Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, and Alexandra Shipp, sat down with director
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To fix itself, Twitter wants to measure 'conversational health'

Jack Dorsey is earnestly looking for answers.  In a tweetstorm on Thursday, the Twitter CEO said his company is searching for ways to root out trolling, bullying, hate speech, and political manipulation on the network. And in order to do that,
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How Complaining Can Alter Our Perception

From: Via: RT @RobertCialdini: How Complaining Can Create "Bad Karma" in Your Brain | World of Psychology
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What's the psychology of bullying and why does it happen?

From: Via: Fat! Ugly! Gross! Are you a boy?! Nerd! Lesbian! Just a sample of what Eily w/Team C experienced
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One potential solution to bullying—social psychology

From: Via: RT @RobertCialdini: One potential solution to bullying—social psychology Princeton
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Donald Trump's Bullying and The Psychology Behind It

From: Via: Donald #Trump's Bullying and The #Psychology Behind It by @UTAustin
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Reducing Bullying by Teaching Bystanders to Intervene

From: Via: Reducing #Bullying by #Teaching Bystanders to Intervene