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Deadly Typhoon Mangkhut shakes Hong Kong buildings as it moves into China

Typhoon Mangkhut made landfall Sunday in mainland China, but not before deadly 100-plus mph winds blew through the Philippines and Hong Kong. In the Philippines, the New York Times reports more than 60 were killed in landslides and flooding, while
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Old buildings on the edge of town

“We’re not going to be here long.” That’s because this project isn’t going to work and we can’t afford to stay, or because this project is going to work and we’re going to move up. That’s a pretty
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The important reason buildings across London were illuminated in green

It's been a year since the Grenfell Tower fire, which killed 71 people in June 2017.  On the anniversary of the tragedy, buildings across London have been illuminated in green.  SEE ALSO: Activists use 'Three Billboards' to make a powerful
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A Plan for Building an Agile HR Function

The HR function has habitually been criticized for being sluggish and pedantic in terms of its role within an organization. Frustrations abound among disgruntled/dissatisfied employees who see the HR function as the enforcer of leadership mandates
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Security footage captures smooth criminal dancing after breaking into building

When breaking into a business, one has to remember some critical steps. Secure counterfeit keys. Make sure to don a hoodie to obscure your face. Upon successful entry, break dance. At least, that was one of the steps in this California man's
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Building the Sourcing Bridge With a Weird yet Glorious Multifaceted Animal

A sourcing stack can be a duck-billed platypus, a liger, a hippocampus (part horse part fish), or have you saying “What the duck was that?” When I started out hunting passive candidates, it was a job board focused market. I...
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Budget Sourcing 101: Building a Talent Pool in Github

Working at a start-up is incredible; as a recruiter/sourcer, it’s one of the most impactful positions at the company. You’re responsible for attracting and hiring great people that will make your company successful. But hiring at a start