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Striking the right chord

Add to My PageDid you know that Indians spend 8 per cent of their daily consumption on gold, only marginally behind medical expenses and education? This statistic revealed by the World Gold Council in a report highlights the popularity of the yellow
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The media agency is only just beginning to get its seat on the table: Pele Cortizo-Burgess

Add to My PageIdeate around the knowledge that a media agency has instead of reserving them for channel allocation, Cortizo-Burgess tells Devina JoshiIn today's fragmented media agency business, with new verticals and functions mushrooming every day
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The double-edged sword

May 2015 was an explosive month for Nestle India, and its predicament is far from over. Its popular instant noodles brand, Maggi, found itself in the eye of a storm with alarming levels of lead and monosodium glutamate found in the product in Uttar
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8-second marketing: How to craft content strategies for Generation Z

This article is part of SWOT Team, a series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.They can't sit still. They're diverse. They're about a quarter of the United States population. And guess
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13 things tech founders should look for in an incubator or accelerator

Tech founders stand to benefit enormously from the support, mentorship and even capital an accelerator can provide, and not surprisingly, many top accelerators and incubators are inundated with applications.But not all are made equal. When looking
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How Nash Equilibrium Guides Competitive Strategy

John Nash became a household name thanks to the Hollywood movie A Beautiful Mind. He died tragically in a car crash on 23rd May. Fortunately his contribution to Game Theory, for which he was awarded Nobel Prize in 1994, lives on. I have
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Abandon the One Night Stand For a Deeper, More Meaningful Relationship

From: Via: [My post!] Abandon the One Night Stand For a Deeper, More Meaningful Relationship: #marketingBrands can take you on
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Lessons from the cab story

The Brand perils of changing rules of the game rapidly The last few days have seen major coverage in the media on the rape incident in Delhi. While one must condemn the incident and the repeated impunity with which these incidents keep
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10 Logos that tell the right story for their brand

From: Recommended by: Anthony Jeannot A great look at logos that get visual branding right. Fantastic inspiration for designers looking for creative ways to tell thier brand stories through logos
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We need more

From: Via: We need more #Bangalore branding like this! need more #Bangalore branding like this!