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Do you know your DNA?

In my limited experience of being an image consultant for a lot of IT, IT services and IT-enabled services companies, there was one issue or aspect, which was pretty much consistent. Every company in these spaces was practically and boringly
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Visual Branding Less Said The Better!!

In a world where a number of brands are vying for mind space how does your brand standout. This article talks about an important facet of your Brand Strategy ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’. As clichéd as this might sound
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Savvy Marketing solutions from the Ubiquitous Post Office.

Many a time we take the familiar for granted. Marketing professionals look all over for solutions, yet forget to look towards the ubiquitous Post Office. The businessgyan team chanced upon a Postal Department full of initiatives and we had the
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Jumpstart your new venture. Brand it right.

We have no control over our names. Our names largely represent the pet preferences of doting parents and/or religious dispositions of well-meaning grand parents – not to forget experts in numerology. And yet, I have met enough Aravinds,