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Hot knife ASMR videos are therapy for your retinas

This post is part of Hard Refresh, a soothing weekly column where we try to cleanse your brain of whatever terrible thing you just witnessed on Twitter. The internet can be a stressful place, but if you know where to look it can also provide a much-
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Why your brain really craves french fries and donuts in particular

Obviously, you're going to crave french fries and donuts over healthier food options.  But why is it that we sometimes really, really yearn for these two foods in particular over others that aren't so good for us, like candy or cheese? Well,
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Trick your brain into falling asleep faster with this white noise machine that's on sale

Whether it's your partner's incessant snoring, your neighbor's reluctance to simmer down their nightly karaoke sesh, helicopters hovering above your neighborhood, or the mysterious racket your roommate keeps making that you're afraid to even ask
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Over 26,000 people sign petition to change the word 'No' to 'Yesn't'

If your brain already hurts from the Yanny/Laurel drama, get ready for the next way to butcher the English language: changing "no" to "yesn't."  A petition to change the word "no" to "yesn't" was posted on Tuesday. Since then, it's
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Download this: 'Tiny Bubbles' is the brain break you didn't know you needed

Can a game about popping multi-colored bubbles be relaxing? That's the premise of Tiny Bubbles, a newly released puzzle game that's both surprisingly challenging and relaxing all at once. SEE ALSO: We tested Google Lens at a Corgi meetup and it
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Jurassic 5's online store is the Galaxy Brain of band merch pages

Now hear this, all other band merch websites: Pack it up and go home. Jurassic 5 has you beat. In addition to being one of the greatest hip hop groups ever (fight me), Jurassic 5 also has a website filled with wonders. You can buy T-shirts and
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Sam Altman just paid a startup $10,000 to one day kill him — and preserve his brain

Dying is for plebes.  Paying a startup to euthanize you so that it can one day, maybe, bring back a digital copy of your mind? Now that's for tech kingmakers like Sam Altman.  SEE ALSO: Y Combinator's Sam Altman wishes San Francisco was
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"Is the noise in my head bothering you?"

The monologue that runs in our brain is loud. It's heavy-metal loud compared to the quiet signals we get from the rest of the world. All day, every day, that noise keeps going. It's the only voice that has seen...     
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Brain-Based Learning: Matching LMS Technology to the Way People Learn Best

Recent research on human psychology and the brain has put the design and development of learning technology at an intriguing crossroads. Old learning management systems (LMS) already use simpler applications of brain science, such as
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Amazon may be building a new brain for Alexa

Amazon wants to give Alexa a new brain. The company is currently at work on a new processor for its Echo speakers that would make Alexa faster and smarter, according to a new report. SEE ALSO: Amazon lays off hundreds, pointing to Jeff Bezos' focus