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This robot dog has better dance moves than you

Boston Dynamics' SpotMini recently learned how to hit the moves on the dance floor. Its moves have gone viral on YouTube and just go to show how far robot technology has advanced.  Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Robot, Dance, and
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The dancing Boston Dynamics robot is even scarier when set to 'SexyBack'

If you thought it was scary enough when the Boston Dynamics robot dog SpotMini danced its robot ass off to "Uptown Funk," you ain't seen nothing yet. Turns out, SpotMini's menacing moves are even more upsetting when set to the funky, eerie tune of
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There's a robot dog empire in the making and Boston Dynamics has some worthy competitors – Genius Moments

This year's International Conference for Robotics and Systems was like a clash of the robot dog titans as a video emerged of the Boston Dynamics SpotMini hanging out with the ANYbotics robot, called ANYmal.  According to ANYbotics' cofounder P
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Boston Dynamics 'parkour' robot took more than 20 attempts to nail it

Boston Dynamics have released another impressive robot video. This time it's the humanoid Atlas attempting 'parkour'.  But before you freak out in awe, Boston Dynamics have cautioned that it took 20 attempts to get it right. The big robot
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Even this futuristic Boston Dynamics robot can't make parkour cool

Somewhere, a solitary suburban teenage boy is impressed. He's just watched the latest YouTube video from Boston Dynamics, which shows off the Atlas robot doing some siiiiiiiick parkour moves. The robot can jump over a log (dude!), and up a few
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5 times Boston Dynamics robots scared the hell out of us

We, as a culture, can't seem to decide whether we love or hate robots. On the one hand, they can be cute and friendly (The Iron Giant, Wall-E, Baymax from Big Hero 6) but on the other, they're depicted as completely terrifying and powerful and out
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And now the robots have taken up jogging

Proving that robots even exercise better than you, Boston Dynamics released a new video today demonstrating its Atlas bot going for what looks to be an afternoon jog.  Not to be confused with the robodogs likely plotting something nefarious at
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Boston Dynamics' dog robot can open up doors now and WTF we're all dead

Almost two years ago, robotics company Boston Dynamics posted a video to its YouTube channel where the team essentially beat the crap out of its robot, Atlas.  "When robots inevitably take over the world, remember this video," I jokingly wrote
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Boston Dynamics’ Handle robot dominates parkour on wheels in new footage

From:   By: John Mannes Via: RT @TechCrunch: Boston Dynamics’ Handle
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Google backs away from human-looking robots

From: Mashable By Lance Ulanoff Recommended by: Mashable Finally, Google' s big robot strategy is coming in to focus.It is...wait for it...nothing.On Thursday, St. Patrick's Day, to be more precise, our collective robotic good