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'Dirty John' trailer is chilling, especially with all that blood

If you listened right up until the last disturbing seconds of true story podcast Dirty John, seeing it turned into a television series is a pretty harrowing experience.  The six-part podcast presented by Los Angeles Times journalist Christopher
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The 'blood boy' clinic is coming to NYC so rich people can live forever

The way Dr. Jesse Karmazin sees it, New York City needs some fresh blood.  It's been over a year since we last heard from the physician behind Ambrosia LLC, the company hoping to reverse aging by pumping adults with the blood plasma of the
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The poster for the final season of 'House of Cards' has lots of blood

For Robin Wright, longtime star of Netflix's House of Cards remake, the show's sixth and final season is #MyTurn. SEE ALSO: 'House of Cards' star Robin Wright says she didn't really know Kevin Spacey 'the man' A tweet announcing the Nov. 2 premiere
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Man with the 'golden arm' who gave blood for 60 years donates for last time

James Harrison is a hero unlike you've come across before. The 81-year-old Australian has been giving blood for the last 60 years, and in the process helped save the babies of more than 2 million Australian women. SEE ALSO: Crowdfunding campaign
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Drones may safely transport blood to remote areas

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Using remotely piloted drones, blood products such as those transfused into patients may be quickly and safely transported to remote accident or natural catastrophe sites, according
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Hot Startup Theranos Dials Back Lab Tests at FDA’s Behest

From:   By: John Carreyrou Via: Hot startup Theranos dials back lab tests at FDA’s behest via @
businessgyan's picture Article - Why do we get brain freeze, and how can we stop it?

From: Via: Why we get brain freeze after eating something cold, and how to stop it: do we get brain freeze, and how can we stop it?Brain
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Blood pressure meds may increase risk of falls blood pressureblood pressure medicationelderlyfalling

From: Via: Blood pressure meds may increase risk of falls medications used by older adults to control blood pressure can increase