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Bittrex to Remove 82 Token Wallets

Bittrex, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, just announced it would be removing 82 token wallets at the end of this coming month. The reason? The U.S based cryptocurrency exchange decided to weed out altcoins that do not meet
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Steven Spielberg explained why 'Ready Player One' only references the original 'Star Wars'

As an unabashed homage to geek culture and 80s nostalgia smorgasboard, you probably assumed Ready Player One would be dripping with Star Wars references. You'd be wrong. While the marketing for Steven Spielberg's upcoming movie showed zero restraint
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Sorry Microsoft, but this isn't the way to get people to use your Edge browser

D'oh! What are you doing Microsoft? Do you really think it's a good idea to only let users open links from within Windows 10's default Mail app in the Edge browser? Go ahead and slap your face a few more times and maybe splash a glass of cold water
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All the devices Apple might announce at its education event on March 27

On March 27, Apple's holding a special education-focused event at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago. As always for Apple, the invite is a bit cryptic. "Let's take a field trip," and "join us to hear creative new ideas for teachers and
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Learning from CEOs: What It Takes to Get to the Top and Succeed

From: Via: Learning from CEOs: What It Takes to Get to the Top and Succeed first-
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From: Via: I’m very clear on one thing...if you do not ‘serve’ customers, you will make no profits...
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Tough Dem SEM

From: Via: @ToughDemSEM You are probably right. It is also clear that for the 40% who support him, this does not matter as
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Twitter explains why 'Love, Simon' is so meaningful and why we all need to see it

The recently released Love, Simon is not only making LGBTQ+ history; it's also elevating the rom-com genre in unprecedented ways. It's been met with a choir of critical praise so far. Mashable's own MJ Franklin showered it with love in a review that
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☁ David Ulevitch ☁

From:   By: Mark Suster Via: So glad to have you back!
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How to see all the weird apps that can access your data on Facebook

Over the years, you've probably logged into a lot of services on Facebook without thinking about how those services use your data. Some of those services may have leveraged your data to undermine the very foundations of American democracy. Hard to


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