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Man asks girlfriend to text him World Cup updates, gets more than he bargained for

There are already plenty of people already out there tweeting, blogging and writing about the World Cup — but maybe its time for a new voice to enter the mix. SEE ALSO: World Cup manager wins the heart of the internet, becomes glorious meme "
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Writing for people who don't read

Right there, there's your problem. I know you'd like to reach more people, and most people don't read. But if you're going to write, the only choice you have is to reach people who will choose to engage with you....     
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If you knew, and you could see the world through the eyes of the customer, and you really cared... What would you do? That's a simple test of creating excellence. So, if I'm on hold for 56 minutes with Orbitz,...      
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The right answer might not be the best thing you can say. Perhaps it would be better if you could help your friend take action instead. The acts of finding and doing are almost always more useful than getting good...     
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Since dawn of the industrial age, tighter has been the goal. A tighter system, with less slack. Tighter connection with customers. Even plastic surgeons deliver tighter skin. No one ever goes seeking more folds and flab. The thing is, tighter...
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The Strategy Behind Job Requisitions and Sourcing Candidates

In my previous blog, we discussed determining who needs to be involved in the hiring process and assuring they are aligned with the companies hiring goals. What next? The job requisitions. There is no perfect job description; no one size...
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Researchers hit back at climate change deniers twisting polar bear science

Most polar bear populations are in okay shape today, and this comes with a problem: Climate change deniers, often in the form of bloggers, employ this fleeting reality to promote skepticism about the idea that the planet is warming. The broad
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The latest episode my Akimbo podcast is about hits. (Click then scroll down to see all the episodes, or, even better, subscribe for free...) The hit that sweeps an industry, like a thresher through a wheat field. The one that...   
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A traffic jam can teach us quite a lot about human nature. In the US, when there's an accident on the side of the road, traffic in the other direction slows down. People voluntarily slow down and look over at...      
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Enterprising food blogger figures out how to make wine in an Instant Pot

It's been a long week and you need a glass of wine. Do you: Drive to the nearest wine shop. Visit a local wine bar. Pour some grape juice in an Instant Pot. David Murphy of Food N Service went for the final option, and to hear him tell it, the